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Daily Prophetic Word October 18, 2016

The Father says, “Fresh Manna and Teaching with Power in the Revelation is coming to My people. Many have believed that all there was to learn and discover is already out there. With each generation, I release more knowledge and understanding to the Mysteries that are still yet to be revealed. When you keep a closed mind, you will continue to reject the New that comes through My Chosen Vessels. It is My Glory to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.

I have My Finger Mightily upon those I will give the Keys to Great Mysteries. They are ones who sit before My Throne unwavering and will do as I command with what they receive. They are trusted before Me with any and all. They are willing to pay the cost by what they carry for My Blessing and Honor. When you give them honor and blessing you are doing unto Me as well. Have you forgotten? When you curse and speak against them, you are Speaking against the Holy Spirit who is working in and through them. Have you forgotten?

I will not forget what good or evil is done against My Spirit. My House cannot remain divided. Religious minds will most certainly believe they are the authority on what My Word says and what My Vessels say and do. Was this not so before Jesus as well? I will contradict what you believe when you are out of alignment with My Word. Just as the Pharisee's thought they were above reproach, an unteachable mind and heart will do the Kingdom of God little good. Was not everything in the Bible new to the people who were experiencing it for the first time?

Do you think I Am so boring; A God who has no Beginning and no End? The human mind cannot conceive of what it has not yet experienced. I Am taking My People to New Territories and Fresh Fields that have never been plowed before. You will walk in New Experiences that have never been known before. You will see things that are unbelievable just like My disciples did. Restraints that were once necessary are being done away with for those who are ready for all that I desire to do in and through them. You can be counted in or out, but I will have My Way with those willing to go where I take them. An Open Heaven is reserved to those who are hungry for more of Me!”

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