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Hope in the Dark Moments of Life

Hope in the Dark Moments of Life

I want to encourage those out there to find God's peace today. I know that the world seems on fire right now, and there are few places to turn that does not have news of some deep concern, BUT God is NOT pacing and wringing His hands unsure of what He will do.

When things appear out of control and darkness threatens to overtake, Prayer, Praise, and Worship are the KEYS to overcome. King David was a master at not only understanding these principles but actually living this daily. Heaven Responds. We come into alignment with God's purposes and plans. We see His Hand Move on our behalf. He has NOT abandoned US, at any point. And HE WILL NOT TODAY EITHER!

Trust that God is moving all over the Earth, and the path will be a great blessing even when we can't possibly understand that the Red Sea will part. God does not work in what is possible for us to do. He is all about what is Possible for Him to do alone. Understand that the Israelites were not going to cross the Red Sea until God hardened Pharaoh's heart to come after them. See through the noise. God is still all about His people and the Glory is His Alone.

It does not matter what the enemy does to try to blindfold God's people or what lies he spreads to and fro. God is still on the Throne, and the enemy is defeated. When you see the lies, you will not be fooled. There is no reason to be deceived, and Spending time with the Lord will open Heaven and give us His perspective.

We are His Victorious Bride, and We are to March forward and Subdue the Land! We can't be Unified until we decide once and for all who it is that we serve truly in our day. At the end of the day, God's opinion and ways are the only things that matter. Everything else must fade away.

God is giving His people Peace and Comfort amidst the shaking that is happening. See that God is behind the shaking. He is giving us instructions on what we need to carry out for the Kingdom. It is time to Rise Up and Speak what God is calling Us to Speak. Do not let the enemy steal your voice through lies and deceit. IF God is with Us, then there is nothing man can do against the Will of God.

I know other prophets have spoken about the next 6-8 years, but I will tell you what God spoke to me personally. He said the next 8 years would be peace, liberty, and freedom in all areas. Pay attention as God has His Plan and Blueprints written out. If you are in His alignment and agreement, you will walk in what He has set aside for His People. The Prodigal Son had a choice; live with the pigs or live with His Father. You can't say you are living in your Father's house while you are covered in filth. No one is fooled even when we can't see the difference. We cannot do God's will when all we care about is shouting our opinions at everyone we disagree with.

We have choices and decisions to make. Do not sit by and do nothing when God has called us to take action. God will speak to those that Ask, Seek, and Knock for His Voice. It is time to fly higher than we have ever known or seen before. We are not crashing and burning. There is no giant that can stand against the Spirit of God.

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