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Daily Prophetic Word October 15, 2016

The Father says, “Find coming to your doorstep a seven-year repayment for losses suffered. I do not want you to look back to see that things are now in balance and order. Instead just keep running forward. Many get stuck in watching the past to see how and when I bring justice, but this does you no good service in reality. It merely keeps you bound to those who have trespassed against you. I have said to forgive and in this hour, I Am giving you a fresh understanding of how this pure forgiveness will look through the Power of the Cross.

Human efforts will only get you so far, but I can take you beyond the wounds into a blessing that you would never have received any other way. Many will wag their finger in doubt and denial, but I say, I will do as I have promised for you. Lay it all at My Altar and just Watch and See if I do not come through for you, as Blessings and Great Favor find you. I saw what happened, and I Am a God who keeps great records. You can remind Me, but realize that I care for you more than just to let wrongs go unanswered. Wait for My timing as there are factors that you may not be aware of.

Today, I Am ripping the bad from your mind, if you will give it to Me. What was attached to these grievances are coming out and never to be revisited again. Letting go is the only way to find true freedom from what seems to even haunt you at times. Renounce your desire to let these matters enter your mind and heart from this day forward. I have never failed you, and today will not be the day either. Take the vow from One that will not lie or forsake you.

You are catching higher and higher waves, and in this, you are feeling like you are going up and down. You are learning and gaining confidence. Fearlessness and Courage are multiplying as you conqueror each new challenge. The next five months are going to be a time for you to fully come into understanding just who you are in Me. Others may try to do this for you but push that aside. I Am showing you what I see, and what I designed for your days. I have more for you than you have asked for, and what you imagined I would do in and through you. It is time to let the old wash off and embrace what I Am doing for this Generation and Time in the Earth Realm.”

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