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A Lie vs the Fake Truth

I think most people understand that the Tabloid Newspapers, we find at the checkout lines, are either all fake and made up, or partially fake and made up- RIGHT? So can we also now realize that there are websites that have the sole purpose of creating and publishing Fake News and this is even Fake Christian News. We should realize that some people have their own agenda that they wish to drive home, and they do not care if they lie when the facts just are not there. So many people twist Bible verses to fit their belief system instead of getting their beliefs from PROPERLY studying and understanding Scriptures, and of course letting the Holy Spirit speak over the Word. Taking something out of context to shove it into a formula that we created still makes it false. We see people do this all the time in research studies. How many years does it take for the truth to come out that the study was flawed and just plain wrong? God gives us a mind to use His wisdom and discernment. It really only takes a minute to verify if most things are truth or a lie. Sharing a fake news article just because it speaks to what we personally hold near and dear is still wrong. Our Character and Integrity is reflected on what we present as our truth. If we are known to spread "fake truth", it does impact how others perceive us. People do notice even when they give us no indication that they even paid attention. Fake Truth is just a deceptive lie we hope others will believe.

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