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Daily Prophetic Word October 10, 2016

Enjoy your now! Too many of my people are robbing a wonderful life by living in the past or future. Indeed plan for your future with the flexibility for My hand to course correct you, but be mindful of becoming useless to your current time and space because you have lost desire for today. Spend time with your loved ones for I am all about people, and I desire to fill you up through good quality people. Tomorrow may bring another journey, and where you are today should not be taken for granted. For Everything there is a Season.

Soaring like an eagle seems easy for some and impossible for many. Find me in your midst teaching you how to fly. Even if it looks messy at first, know that you will gain in wisdom and knowledge to one day do, as you see others more mature in their walk do, effortlessly. Be patient even with yourself. All will come together in time. As you continue, you will know how to mentor others below you rising up. There is a giving and receiving that will benefit you and those you spend time with in matters of the spirit.

Exposure makes way for experience. What is new today will only be new once. Then you have choices to make. Will you continue to grow in what was new or dismiss for one reason or another. Do not make rash or hasty decisions. Let me speak to what you encounter for I know what you should do or not do. I have said Behold I do a New Thing, but too many of My people only want to see the old from times long past. I Am not a boring God, and I have no limits to what I will do with and among mankind. The walls you build around yourself only keep you from a Truth that knows no boundaries and will defy the logic of man.

My people become deceived because they envision only limitations to My Kingdom. When you choose to not see what I Am showing you, My Life Giving Waters dry up all around you. I have called you to walk by Faith and not by your own thoughts and opinions. People will try to influence you from this and to that, but did I send that person or did the enemy? You must be willing to let My Voice rule over your life in all areas. The Israelites saw Me walk intimately with Moses, yet they turned their backs again and again with rebellion. When you reject who I have sent to bring Life and Prosperity to your life, you will succumb to the whims of those who speak the comforting words from the enemy. My people must decide who they will serve. You cannot have more than one Master, for only one will you love!"


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