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Daily Prophetic Word October 5, 2016

The Father says, “The Rain! The Rain brings much more than you might have anticipated. For Elijah, the Rain meant an end to a dry and unfruitful season. The Cloud started small and grew as he waited for My Timing. You are now at the seventh time of going to the sea to witness the cloud formation. Now is the time the Rains are to come! I Am washing away the curses on your Land! I Am washing away your years of reproach! Those that saw so little in you are going to watch you arise out of the cocoon into the Mighty Vessel that I have been forming in secret.

Those that doubted your anointing are going to be humbled from their pride. Those that tried to control and keep you bound will find themselves in their own snare. You are My Called and Chosen, and I will let no one put out the Light that you carry for My Namesake. Never doubt that I will turn all things around for your good and for My Glory and Honor. The weapons formed against you are falling at your feet. Do not be tempted to pick up what has fallen. Bless and forgive, for I have better things to fill your days with.

This is a time of enjoyment and not fret. I do not want you to worry about how anything will work out or come to be. Trust that I have worked out all of the details, and that I do know the beginning from the end. My interests are always about your best. Everything is in place and will mesh together as I have designed. Gold in its natural state does no one much good, but when it is melted and molded by the Master then the true beauty and finished product can be appreciated. What I have melted and molded will be priceless in your life. It is of the rarest and finest materials.

You are in a time of rest despite you noticing chaos around you. Give it all to Me to deal with, and just Be right now. You do not have to try to make anything happen for I have already ordered what needs to take place. What I have spoken will come to pass for no one has a higher authority concerning you. All will be ok. I have never lied to you about even the smallest of matters. Just keep moving forward and see the Rain Cloud growing in the distance as MY winds blow it towards you.”

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