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Daily Prophetic Word September 30, 2016

The Father says, “Religious minds have warned you over and over to stay away from what they deem is not of My Kingdom. They scream that you will be lost if you go there. Stop and think for a moment. If I send you, then you are the one who I will use to bring My Kingdom to that territory, that is currently under that demonic influence. If no one will go out of fear and lack of faith in My Plans, then what do you say will come of that land and its people? Do you see those moments as an assignment from Me and your focus on Me will keep you out of harms way, or do you see yourself being tempted by the evil until you indulge?

Perspective is Key! Am I not raising up Mighty servants who would be kicked out of those religious churches for being what is deemed of the devil? Why do you think I Am doing this? It is your heart that I chase. It is your heart that draws Me to you. I turned Saul into a something no one would have rooted for- Paul. He became Greater than those that would have looked to keep him out of My Kingdom. I know what someone’s potential and destiny is with Me at the Center of their Life! Who are you to say No to Me?

Is walking out your own salvation with fear and trembling not enough? I did not make anyone the gatekeeper and all should be thankful for this. I call many but few will actually take My Hand and Go! When you are too worried about what you think makes you not qualified, you will miss that I Am the One that Solely makes someone qualified. I Am not counting your sins or the mistakes you have made. I can do unlimited exploits with those willing to just Go! Not those who say, I will only go here and do this, kind of people.

One day you will see the full blueprint of what I created you to do and be. Will you be disappointed in how you ran your race? Now is your time to come into full agreement with Me. Too many run to and fro being in agreement with all sorts of illegitimate voices. You are the one who decides to sit out the race. I will never cancel what I created you to be. I run the race with you. I will carry you when you are unable to go on. I will strengthen you, and give you restoration. I will be your Rearguard. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you only believe!”

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