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Daily Prophetic Word September 29, 2016

The Father says, “You are already on the airplane. Did you think you were somewhere else? We are about to take off and you are sitting at the end of what I Am finishing up around you. Find that even when you wake up in the morning that a sudden and new level of Joy fills your heart and mind about matters that once caused you great pain. Embrace the freedom that I Am setting your feet upon. You will not be coming back to this place.

As we take off, you will see things clearer than you have ever before. You will have the answers to the greatest of questions that you have tirelessly pondered. Soon My Child, you will be in a moment of bliss and the old will be forgotten once and for all. Trust Me as I take you through this last part. I know the way even in the darkness. Everything is going to be ok even in areas that you never thought would be ok ever again.

I have the Keys in My Hands to change all to your favor even when you wondered if you were really to blame. I will set records straight that you didn’t even realize were recorded incorrectly. I Am building a new level of faith on the inside of you that will shatter, all of the forces the enemy can dish out against you, down the road. This process will bring you to a deeper understanding in Me and just what I will do for you.

Do you not know that I will go to the ends of Heaven and Earth for you? I care so greatly for all that you experience and go through. Your feelings and emotions matter to Me, and I Am showing you right now just how special you are to Me alone. It is time to put to rest all that you have been struggling with in your mind. I know your heart even when others doubt your motives. I know how pure you are because I created that heart, and I have been breathing My Life and Water into it. You are going to come through better for all that has happened. Keep the faith and watch what I do next on your behalf!”

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