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Daily Prophetic Word September 26, 2016

The Father says, “Walking on water is not the miracle. The destination of where this will take you is the miracle. Don’t look down but look forward to the horizon. What do you see? This is the surprise waiting for you. Your spiritual eyes will allow you to know that I Am busy concerning all matters about you. Prayers are not pointless. Prayer is your strongest weapon, and prayer will weaken any force that comes against you. Prayer aligns your heart and motives to that of the Kingdom.

Many curse their own potential when they own in their heart and mind the poison from the enemy. If I have not said it to you, why would you believe it? Are you so easily fooled into thinking that I lie when I say that I Am for you and not against you? The world will turn a cruel side to you, but I will stick closer than a brother. Your actions will always demonstrate what you harbor in your heart. A double minded person is one to avoid. I Am calling out your purity and showing you a way to walk above those that even think that they are truly holy and righteous.

Fitting in to avoid sticking out will leave you chasing in circles. Those that boast are not grounded in truth and deceive themselves. Focus on your own walk and do not fall into the trap of comparing your life to others. New looking paint cannot hold together a house on a sinking foundation. Not everyone will be happy and encouraging even among your closest allies. Do not let this cause you to stumble. I Am revealing the hearts of those around you, so that you will truly know who is for you as well. Many hang around to steal and destroy. Find that these people are suddenly walking away from you. Do not feel a need to reconcile for this exiting is for your good.

Find your old armor breaking off of you this day. Many have felt unprotected lately and have not known what to do about it. You are not defenseless, but you have simply outgrown that level of protection. You can only wear what will fit you. My angels are fitting you with a new level of protection that will take you through the territories to come. Upgrade and stronger abilities will suddenly be in your arsenal. You will be underestimated, as tasks will come easier and be finished quicker in the coming months. Those who walk in My Spirit will come along side to cheer you on, for My Finger is upon you.”

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