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Daily Prophetic Word September 12, 2016

The Father says, “You are not as far away as you may think. What looks like an impossible wall to climb is just merely an illusion. People have believed that only a small few can get close to My Heart and truly know My Will, but this is not so. You are not excluded, but you must be willing to stop living on the fence of life. You must put away the wishy washy mindsets that lead you astray with distraction after distraction. You are not denied, and I look to pour out My abundance in favor to those who will walk uprightly.

The spirit of Rebellion looks to force out My Voice and Frequency in your life. Rebellion is what led to Lucifer’s fall as he let pride rule his ways. Rebellion is what placed mankind in the throws of a spiritual war vying for your soul. Man desires to do what is right in his own mind. He will trample on the beautiful garden that was so carefully created by My Hand. But you have a choice, and I bestowed upon you a free will. One that is tested to be proved tried and true. A choice that will show you the path of prosperity, and one that will leave you in ruins.

What My people should understand is that the enemy will try to make you believe your path is really one of ruins, so that you will forsake all that you have believed and held dear to. You choose if he wins over in your life. Do not give up! Refusing to quit is what steals his power. Let your faith strengthen you in this part of the journey. He is not a victor, YOU ARE! His fate has already been sealed. The verdict has been sounded. Turn away from the nonsense filling your ears to the contrary.

You can do all things through Christ. Do you really believe ALL means ALL? Turn your heart towards an unquenchable desire to grow in My Ways. For when you seek Me out with all of your heart, You WILL Find Me There! When you cease to be satisfied with inferior things and people, you will truly come into My Presence. Be sold out and My Glory will rest upon you with Power and Healing. When you care more about what I think and say about you than what man says, you will finally find the freedom that I have so desired you to live in.”

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