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Daily Prophetic Word September 1, 2016

The Father says, “What you encounter today in your own life will be the key that sets another free down the road. I have said to carry each other’s burdens. Bring life to another’s cloudy day. I alone cause paths to cross for My Glory. I waste nothing in your life, and I desire to use you to bless the unknown just as I will send the unknown to bless you. I will use you to push back the darkness that seeks to consume and destroy. You carry a lethal weapon to the plots of the enemy.

What you believe about your situation will either free you or place you in bondage. Careful whose voice you follow. Do not fellowship with those that look to stir up anger and conflict. See your footsteps as lightly walking on a sandy beach. Let the breeze push you on to the next great day. Not every cause is for your attention. Be smart about what you focus on. Reevaluate your course and heading. I will come upon you with Power and Purpose to all that is for you to take up. Be at ease with yourself.

The spoils of war are for you when you engage in the battles that are yours to champion. You have a unique part to play where I place you. Even the best of causes may not be for you personally. Be wise about the time and seasons. Things begin and some things come to an end. You will be non-effective if you stay where you no longer have authority. You are blessed and highly favored. Do not place down your crown to go after illegitimate endeavors.

Find Grace and Mercy. Find Forgiveness and Love. I have not asked for perfection, and I have spoken Great and Mighty Exploits through your hands. Just Be. There is nothing more you need to prove for Me to Love you. I have Loved you since the Beginning. I understand all that goes on in your heart. I will not relent My will to use you and to be with you always. See in the Mirror what I see in you! Put down the striving that man would call you to. I have called you to walking on that water with no fear of what man can do.”

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