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Daily Prophetic Word August 27, 2016

The Father says, “You were designed to step out not to remain comfortable. I told Adam and Eve to subdue the land because they were to turn the World into the Garden of Eden. I have given mankind power over the world. I designed creation to obey the will of mankind. Do you see now what divine power is fully in your own hands? It is truth that mankind lost control of this ability through the act of sin. However, through Christ that authority is now back in your hands in full measure.

I will teach you. Will you listen and do? People say the sky is falling and that the end is here. My Truth is that My people are now truly at a position to use what I have given them. This is your vision, so write it down. You are not hopeless, you are full of promise. The Kingdom of God has come to Earth Now, Today, and for My Glory. What happened in the Garden is not the end of the best mankind will ever receive. You had a life, that you were engaged in, even at the foundations. Do you think that somehow I decided not to give you all that I have to offer in exchange for a sad and pathetic alternative?

Shake it off; the lies, deceptions, blindness, and deafness. I have been with you since the beginning, and I will always be with you. It does not matter what changes or is transformed from Glory to Glory. I created you in My image because that is what I desired; an intelligent creation to fellowship with. I did not just wipe you from existence the minute things got difficult. Was that impossible for Me to do?

Put aside the negative rhetoric that would say that My people are not precious and beautiful before Me.

I sent you My best in My Son. You are Free; You are Delivered; You are Victorious; and You are a Conqueror. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish, so take full hold of just how limitless that I made you to be. Change your mind about what is ahead for you. If you believe nothing good is coming, then you will surely miss all of the explosions of My wonders and the miraculous that is for you. I have not quit showing My Love towards mankind.”

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