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Daily Prophetic Word August 23, 2016

The Father says, “2014 was a year that brought the foundation for the next great move that I Am about to do over you. What left you bewildered and confused is about to be straightened before you. What made you kick the ground and shake your fist will find its purpose in your heart and mind. I want you to be prepared. For as a rocket ship suddenly goes up, with power greater than most other forces combined, you will find this next season begin. Did you hear Me. You will begin with a Sudden blast off.

Many have waited and wondered but got distracted in the things of life. I do not want you to forget where you are in My plans right now. This is important. Be ready and watchful, for in a split moment, you will be here, and now other there. By My Spirit will all of this come to be and not by the hands of man. You are called just to be ready. Be Ready. Be Ready. Finish off the last few things that you know are in the preparation phase, and stand Ready. Guard this time in your life, for others may not understand or stand in your support. Just keep your eyes on Me.

The Doors of Possibilities are open. Not every door is for right now, even though I have given you a heads up in many aspects beforehand. Listen carefully so that you are not overwhelmed with what is to come. Like steps building higher and higher, you will take each opportunity one at a time, as one builds upon another. I will tell you the order of which is first and second. There is no greater love and joy that I Am doing right now today before your eyes. My People are walking into an age in mankind’s history that has never been and one that will bring My Glory upon the Earth like never before.

Celebrate and take off your sackcloth. The World is in the Palm of My Hands, not man’s. I have called you blessed and highly favored. It does not matter what the weather is doing. I can calm any storm. Take up what I Am telling you is to come. Who knows the future better than I? Your portion is not fear of fear, which is what you are being sold. Mankind has had dark moments before and yet the Sun came out again. Do not worry or let your heart be troubled. Off We Go! It is time for My Spirit to hover over the Earth with what I Am establishing RIGHT NOW!”

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