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Daily Prophetic Word August 21, 2016

The Father says, “Release the outcome. You have prayed, warred, and delivered My message on time. But now you are resisting taking up the next assignment because you have not witnessed the complete change from the last assignment. Understand that the rest is up to Me to finish. I Am not asking you to keep looking over their shoulder to make sure they listened to the message that you delivered. Many will reject your words at first. Many will complain that I could not have given you authority to speak into that issue. Many more will avoid you out of pride. None of this is a sign either way of what is to come. I Am responsible for doing a new work in them, as well as, in you.

It is done. Just release the outcome to Me and move onto the next that I have set you up for. You do not need to seek out your own assignments, so pay attention only to My leading. When you go into a territory against My will and direction, you will leave yourself exposed to the enemy in ways that you will not anticipate. Be watchful of your heart and motives for I send you out of love and not condemnation. Clear your heart and mind of your own opinions and only speak what I give you, nothing more and nothing less. No need to look behind to see if they are listening. Keep moving on. Not every assignment will you see the end result.

You will be frustrated when you stay beyond the designated time. You will also miss the place I am sending you on to. My word will not return void so you are free to take up new adventures for My Namesake. Some assignments will just take longer for that planted seed to spout. The land and soil has not been cared for, but I know just what is needed next. Do not be upset when I send another vessel to have a piece in that assignment as well. To each son and daughter do I endow unique gifts and anointings that I will use in conjunction with yours. Do not be competitive with others. You will forfeit your own blessing when you stand in the way of another sent vessel in My Name.

Rejoice for you are one body and together My people can change the land, sea, and air for Kingdom Glory. You are world changers and atmosphere shifters. Do not get caught up in fleshly desires for attention. I will not overlook rewards owed to you. In due season, you will receive all that I have stored up for you, and no man will deny you what is yours. Your anointings will make way when you are where you are supposed to be. I will continue to grow and train you. Never will you be at a place of full knowledge or mastery. Be humble as you are still in the process and so are your brothers and sisters. I have plans for Good and not for evil. Be part of all that I choose to use you for. Be open and ready for that moment in your days.”

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