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Daily Prophetic Word August 18, 2016

The Father says, “Did you drop your keys? What was handed to you was authority to what is behind that door. Many look at the door and think that this can’t possibly be the door that they have been praying for. You have seen other doors that looked more enticing, but when you opened that door, it is just a mirage. Do not be so fair weathered. If I send you to it, rest assured it will be exactly what you have been seeking. Walk by faith and not by sight. You can do more in one hour of pure obedience than you will ever do any other way.

You do not have to figure it all out before you turn that key. The rest of what is needed will find you as well. Trust the process for I have promised not to waste your time. Look in your hands today. You will discover that I Am giving you things that you did not even ask for. I desire to bless even on days that you find it hard to believe that I might. Wrap your mind around the fact that I want your life to flourish in all ways, not just a handful. Religion will say that I want you to suffer because somehow that brings Me joy, but this is not truth!

I reward you because of the storms that will come. I give you favor as you continue on despite how the situation looks. You are stronger today than you have been at any point before now. I form and make you through what cannot be avoided. My Glory surrounds you day and night. Decide to partake and invite the Glory into your situation. Celebrate even when others would say that you have nothing to be joyful about. I will show you just how wonderful even your now will become. People change their perspective about history over time. How things look right now will change as you see, further down the road, what I Am up to on your behalf.

I Am showing you in this hour how I carried you during the darkest times of your life. Open your heart and mind. Put aside the assumptions you have, and I will reveal the truth. Not everything is as how it seemed at the time. I Am taking you to new levels. I Am cutting off old baggage that is still dragging behind you. Where you are going, lighter footsteps will be necessary. Feel the release of what was weighing you down. The burdens of yesterday are gone in an instant. I Am your Lord and your Savior. You are about to have favor like you have never known before come upon you. Let go of the regrets of the past. I have better on the way!”

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