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Daily Prophetic Word August 17, 2016

The Father says, “What you do not use will be useless to you. Will a plow do any good without your hand put to it? I have said that I will bless the workings of your hands. Many want more, but they have done nothing with what I have already given them. Do you see what is before you as worthless? If you will not be faithful in the little, why would you suddenly be faithful in the big things that have more cost attached? When you do not achieve mastery at a lower level, you will certainly fail when given a higher level. Your foundation will not be able to hold the weight upon your shoulders.

Your neighbor paid the cost to be where they are. When you are willing to be just as dedicated, you will arrive to your place as well. I have great and wonderful things planned for you. Do you trust Me? Dance for you are not who you used to be, and walk in the beautiful process of the Becoming. Let your mind be renewed, for old ways of thinking will keep you from seeing. David did not know, as a mere Shepard boy, that My plans would place him as a King. If he knew as a boy, would he have fought for or against this destiny? Many seek to disqualify themselves well before they have even gotten a glimpse of what I have in store.

When you insist that I have overlooked you, eventually you will overlook yourself and what I have placed in your hands. Even the mightiest of trees begins as just a tiny seed. Where you start is not as important, but where you end up is everything. Through My Voice and Hands will you reach all that I created you to do and be. There is no other way to achieve and receive. You are not finished yet because I Am not finished with all that I will do for My Creation. I have surprises that you will not want to miss out on.

I Am with you always. You are not doing this thing called life alone. I Am the Good Shepard that will lead you through anything that comes your way. Now is your time to place down the divided mind, and come walk with Me in the cool of the day. New revelation is coming to those that will not pollute My words. I Am calling out My true and faithful who will take what I give them and run the race without hesitation. What you will run with will be a blessing to all of those that you encounter, until the end of your days. A priceless package for a priceless vessel in My Kingdom. You are loved so purely My Beloved. We are One, and you will reach the prize on time!”

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