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Daily Prophetic Word August 16, 2016

The Father says, “Children, do you have any fish? Then Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some. Understand that when you continue to do things the same way, but find the results lacking, decide to do something that goes against your logical mind. Your miracle is on the other side of the boat! Are your prayers lacking power and authority? Then it is time to go about the matter in a fresh new way. You are not meant to live a life on autopilot.

Now, look at all of the areas that appear stuck and unmovable in the natural. Let Me speak over that issue with fresh strategies and manna for This Moment. What used to work just isn't today. This does not mean you cannot overcome this barrier. Did you give up and sit down for a time? Not every problem requires that you sit and wait on it. People will tell you that My answer must be No or Wait. Can we make an agreement to throw out ambiguous nonsense? I Am not the Author of confusion. I will guide you in all things. Command your ears to hear and your eyes to see. You will know My Will when you do so.

When hearing gets hard, man will say I stopped speaking. The birds of the air, animals in the field, and the fishes in the ocean have no trouble hearing My Voice. They too know the time and seasons. A busy mind will miss what I Am saying. You must remove the idols from your heart and mind. Seek First the Kingdom, for when you make this your lifestyle, you will be in My flow even when you think that you are not. That is the Power before you. You are on target and cannot fail.

Shut out the noises all around. Voices vying for your attention will crowd out what is important. Proper perspective will come when you spend time with Me. You are not required to do some religious ritual or formula. I Am here waiting to spend time with you. There is nowhere else I would rather be. I long to pour out My Goodness over your day. I placed My Spirit within you so that you will always have full access. There is a Victory Dance happening right before you. Will you join in?”

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