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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 6, 2016

The Father says, “Walking on the water is your portion and lifestyle available each and every day. Many find themselves successful one day, and back in the gutter the next. Listen, My Child, just keep your eyes focused on Me. The world will send you distractions and bad news, but to walk on that water, understand that I have your future in My Hands alone. When you decide to know that I Am for you, nothing will shake you out of peace. Whatever comes, you have already walked through that fire. Nothing is truly hidden even when you feel that it is.

Can I not keep the water still even when the wind rages? Dig deep, and you will find the tools and power to navigate around the latest, and soon it will be in the rearview mirror. Do not settle for a life of less. I have told you to ask, seek, and knock. Pick up the music playing in your heart, and let it soar higher and higher. My Love is vibrating in your spirit. Do not marry the hardships until they become your way of living in the heart and mind. In a moment, all things can change. Do you see this as a wall that is impossible to move?

What you see is what you will believe. What you believe will either give Me permission to do great and amazing exploits on your behalf or not. I choose to say Yes and Amen. You do not have to beg or grovel to move Me towards you. You are My passion and desire. What more will I have to do as evidence. I gave everything so that you would be with Me forever. There is nowhere else I would rather be. Take a chance and give Me that immovable mountain that you are staring at. Watch and see for I will not lie. What you place in My hands, I will surely come through on.

I Am doing a good work in you in this hour. Find your Faith growing 10 years’ worth of experiences in just a mere day. Do you think I can accelerate to this level of extreme blessing? For you see, what you have faith in Me for is what I will do. I want you to think bigger. Ask for the unimaginable. Dream beyond dreams. Many feel that I have called them to a poverty mentality. Nothing could be further from the truth. My Kingdom lacks nothing, so you will also lack nothing. What is your request before Me today? What will you seek when you already know the answer is Yes?”

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