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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 30, 2016

The Father says, “Are you thirsty? I have not called you to wander in a desert looking for what is not actually available there. Call upon Me, and I will spring up My Living Fountain in your midst right where you are. Sometimes you must speak your needs for I do not require you to manage life on your own. Many are eating of the Tree of Knowledge, and not walking by My Spirit. When you stop to Let Me Speak to that issue, you will find that you do not waste your own time formulating opinions that do not matter in reality. Let your day be filled with purpose and heavenly insight.

For a tree to grow and live, it must rely on its extensive root system. When there is a lack of water, the roots grow out in a larger area and go deeper into the earth. See yourself like a tree that must continue to go wider and deeper in My ways to stay healthy and on target with where I have you at this time in your life. What used to satisfy will no longer fill you up. Many stop seeking for more because they like the easy to reach wells, but when that dries up, they fail to see that there is an even larger supply right under the well just waiting for them to partake from. I will never leave you without, but I will often cause you to not be satisfied at the level you are currently at. Know that this is your opportunity to experience far more than this tiny well could ever offer you.

What your heart desires in the Kingdom is where your feet will take you whether you realize it or not. I will not deny those that want more of Me. I desire all to walk in everything I have set aside for My People. David loved Me while tending My sheep so diligently. I saw more in him than he would ever see through his own eyes. I see greatness in you as well. Will you take My Hand and watch what I can do in your life as well? I will only take you one step at a time. Just as I took David one step at a time until he was ready to slay the giant of the land. You will know when you come to those crossroads, that you are fully ready to go as well. I will never send you out any other way. What you may feel is not always the truth of your readiness, so use discernment.

I have rich water to pour out over your life in this hour. Revelation and Wisdom is coming to those that are desperate for Heavenly input into their world. I will not let those who are hungry stave on the manna of yesterday. What man stores up as important will lie in waste tomorrow. Seek My Words and Guidance. I will always provide Light to the darkness. I will give a solution to those problems. You were not meant to toil on your own. Let your spirit receive a refreshing reboot for soon you will be going through that new door with momentum under your sails. Trust the process, and know that I have you right where I desire you. Do not let the other voices sway you from this truth. You are beautiful and precious unto My sight.”

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