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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 25, 2016

The Father says, “I Am increasing your capacity for more of Me to flow out of you. A deeper pruning is coming for I must remove what is dead and not capable of producing fruit. You will want to fight against this for I Am challenging not only your mind but your heart. What you have held strongly in your beliefs has become idols that are blocking Me from being the center in your life. A religious mind is always the enemy to what I Am doing over the Earth. Release your demands and come before Me with an open heart and mind so that I can fill you up with My Heart.

I Am requiring you to let go of all that I ask you to release. The sacred cows of days long gone by are keeping you from a flourishing life with fruit bearing on all of your trees. My people need to stop living in religious lies of false doctrines. For even the enemy knows the truth of My word and twists it verse by verse in your ears. Are you still mine when you follow the foolish traps of the enemy day in and day out? Are you so turned around that the truth sounds like a lie, and a lie like the truth? Which do you desire; for Me to show you the errors in your thinking or let you live in what you have allowed to be?

Many will say they want the truth always, but reject the vessels carrying the truth. You already have your speech prepared, and your ears are closed completely. If you will not listen, you will never change what I Am asking. Abandon your belief that you have the right to be right. Pride will keep a man from becoming humble. Pride will point the finger at others, but fail to see that the others are not the issue. Change can be painful if that is how you see it. I say it is your blessing to be set free in all that is holding you back from the fullness of what Christ died for. I will not always give you the room to question My instructions. Obedience is the key that unlocks the cell doors.

I desire for you to experience and walk in all of the Goodness open to My Sons and Daughters. What I bring challenge to in this season is what I will be removing from your life. Pay attention to the lightness that lifts you higher. Notice the healing that comes to burdens that seemed to have no solution. For what I do will be in an instant. You will not labor to come into My Light. From these moments, seeds planted decades ago will finally spout everywhere you turn. What has been held back, will now come to fruition. What seemed dead will come back to life. What was expired will be reborn. Now, this is worth your celebration and praise.”


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