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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 15, 2016

The Father says, “You are My ambassadors in the world carrying My Hope, Peace, and Comfort. See yourself in this very important role in big and small ways. Even when you don’t realize it, people see My light shining bright from your spirit. You hold keys that a dying world is desperate to hold. Man searches for reason and understanding yet finds none of certainty. But You, My Beloved, have already found that rare Gift that opens all other possibilities into reality.

You found My Son! Do not see yourself as unimportant or invisible to a fast pace society that desires to be its own god. I Am the One who makes the blind man see. Did I do the same for you many years gone by? I will do the same for the very people I have you set before. You do not need to have some fancy speech prepared. No, I want you to just Be. Let My Unending Love pour out of you. A testimony flows when you least expect it. A miracle manifests at the hour of least anticipation.

You sow seeds that you are completely unaware of far more than you would realize. Your life has deep meaning and is so very precious to Me. I will increase your heart of Love for people. I will send you to influence even people of influence. I want you to begin to see your life with this much importance and fullness. You are not just living on a giant rock hurling through the solar system. All things have purpose under Heaven, and you are at the start of a new awakening in just exactly who you are, and more importantly, who you are in Me. You are not a mistake or here by chance.

Your minutes and seconds were laid out from the very beginning. I knew what you would be doing and thinking long before you came to Earth to walk that destiny out. See yourself as invaluable to My Plans and Purposes. I will pass on some of your assignments to someone else if you refuse however, there are also many assignments that have your unique imprint on that only you were created to do. There is no second choice, so it is up to you to reap the rewards to a life lived as well done. Only you can decide to throw away the blessings and favor that I have stored up for only you. It is time to put aside a mind of ‘I can’t’ and fully walk in the mind of ‘I will’!”

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