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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 9, 2016

The Father says, “Is your heart truly mine? Make your petition unto Me. Ask for what you desire in the realms of the seen and unseen alike. You have not because you have not come to Me. I Am not a God who lives in the shadows refusing to allow you to see and know Me. No My Child. My very desire is to have a deep and special relationship with you. What was lost in the Garden was found on the Cross. You no longer have to hide when you hear My Voice. I have no rod in My hand, just arms to Love and Hold you.

We have an important journey to go on. Do you know that you have already gone on this journey with Me? Time, My child, is merely an illusion. Remember that in life you have choices. What you decide will shape your road. Your opportunities are still open and bright. You are not just floating through the universe. Pharaoh had full understanding of My power and authority, and yet he chose to be an enemy. His choices sealed his fate. Pay attention. Your heart moves Mine. What you allow to dwell and grow in your heart will direct your steps. Many see themselves smiling to My face and cursing behind My back. Do you think this is going unnoticed?

If your right hand is not in agreement with your left hand, however will you accomplish any task before you? So too are many wondering why things are not working out for them, but they fail to notice their double mind working against them during the day. There is no life called living on the fence. What you are not for, you are against. An opinionated mind is a mind that will not yield to My Throne. My breath alone keeps all of creation living each and every moment. If I stopped breathing into My creation, all of creation would cease to exist. What power do you believe you have that is above mine?

Turn away from your mind in conflict, and let us get back on track. We have wasted too much time in this place. Your life is in the Palm of My Hands. You are safe and secure. Decide not to wander out of My boundaries for the enemy has placed landmines outside of your predestined road. I have everything taking into consideration. I desire to co-create your life with you. You are not a mere puppet for Me to control. Bring Me your heart and full wishes. Let Me show you just what I intend to do for you and because of you. I have called you Blessed and Highly Favored. You are My Beloved. I Am well pleased with You. Forsake any voice that would say otherwise. Now is your time to see all that I have prepared, and the table has been set with your honor.”

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