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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 6, 2016

The Father says, “When you see no other solution to that problem, rest in it instead. When Moses was at the banks of the Red Sea, there was not a clear remedy, and I had them rest. Sometimes the way is not ready to be revealed yet. My timing is on purpose and not motivated by fear or a person’s worry. People will demand that you have a plan and act immediately, but I say, I will move you when it is time. Do not let others pressure you into the wrong response. My perfect way is still ahead of you, and will come when you are to have it.

Peace is what I bring to you. Peace in the days of bliss and the days of uncertainty. I did not bring you this far to just leave you there without a hope or future. Your days are numbered and it is time to stop looking for that number to be up. Live your life in all of the happiness that was paid for on the Cross. I have taken mankind through some of the darkest days in history. Will I stop now? Your days are brighter than the former. Don’t let others rob you of that peace that I have spoken and freely give. It does not matter which way the wind blows, I control it all.

You have come through worse, and you will come through this too. Will I not place you on the Wings as Eagles to soar above it all? There is no storm above the storm. Let Me say it again, There is no storm above the storm. In My economy and timeline, you have already overcome and wear the victor’s crown. See your situation in this light and what you desire will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. My Fire is before you, and it will guide you forward. You have all of the light that you need, even in the dark of the night, My way will be clear.

Enjoy the ride. My Glory does not leave you, and is always available for you to draw from. Let Me renew your strength and wherewithal to press on. Soon and very soon you will see what I have been up to for your sake. When you don’t know what else to do, just trust in Me. That alone will satisfy the angst that comes upon your soul. My Eyes do not take their gaze off of you. I see you. Feel My Love and Pleasure upon your face this day. I Am not going to stop taking care of you. I Am your help in whatever comes to your door. Call and I will come. Nothing more could be more true."

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