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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word July 4, 2016

The Father says, “Compromise can be the life or death of something. Do you know when to compromise and when to hold your ground? There are fleeting matters that compromising does nothing more than resolve the immediate need and allow a relationship to move forward once more. However, too many are compromising their very soul to the enemy when they refuse to stand for truth. Do not walk around afraid to offend or ruffle someone’s feathers. The truth will surely stir an offended mind and heart. You can do so in love more than you realize. Understand that when you refuse to speak up for what is right, you are inadvertently agreeing with the lie on some level. What starts out small, will grow until you are giving in to a new lie at every turn. Who is doing all of the compromising in the end?

You cannot always be a peacemaker where there will be no peace unless you accept the wrong side. The more you give in, the more you will be controlled and silenced. When you finally reach your last straw, you will have lost too much ground to effectively fight back. Loving someone does not mean that you have to walk in their lie with them. It does not mean you have to be verbally violent with them either. I will show you the proper way to deal with any and all conflicts and opposition. I desire you to walk in the spirit, and in this season, I will teach you what this really looks like. I no longer want you to see the people, you interact with, through your flesh and human understanding.

More is your portion and more is coming to those with their hands and hearts open. I Am still making My Bride on the Potter’s Wheel. You will become a Bride without Spot or Wrinkle. You will know how to walk in Holiness and Righteousness. The Authority lost in the Garden was given back to you through the Cross and Resurrection. It is time for My people to be a People who know how to Subdue the Earth the way it was commanded in the Beginning. Get your mind out of what you thought were My plans for mankind, and join Me in what I Am truly doing in this hour.

What Adam spoke into existence yielded to his voice and became a reality in the natural realm. This is your portion. To Speak My Will over the Earth and the Earth obey you. I gave the Earth to mankind to maintain full authority over. This is your time to walk in this truth in all aspects. Your Words have that much Power; for good or evil. What you speak will bring life or death. I Am cleansing My True Followers to walk in this power and authority on a level never known before this moment. You will rise up, to meet Me in the Clouds, to see what needs to be changed for My Glory, and watch how your words manifest right before your eyes. Walking in full Sonship is where I Am taking My People. Many will reject this level of authority and responsibility. I want you to Keep Focused on My Light in all interactions. Stay in My Truth lest the enemy blinds you in more lies."

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