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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 27, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 6/27/2016

The Father says, “Do you feel that I stole from you unfairly? Have you felt a blessing was yours only to see your neighbor receive instead. Understand this today and every day from this moment, I will use you as a blessing for others far and near; stranger or friend. What I turned over for someone else’s benefit will gain interest, and when I release that interest to come back to you, I will blow you over with My Love for you. Do not let a bitter heart keep you from seeing that I have not ignored you or forgotten to give you unspeakable favor.

What was yours has your fingerprint on it. You sowed a seed that you didn’t even know was possible. You planted parts of yourself into another that will catch back up to you in due season. I have not denied you over someone else. Nor are you less in My eyes to another. I want to do amazing exploits in and through you. If I came to you and asked you to give that away willingly, would you have? This is a maturity that I Am growing in you this hour. Learn to forsake yourself, for greater is on the horizon, and it will be above and beyond all that you could think or ask for.

Let Me use you in the fertile soil all around. Even when you only see a desert, Am I not the one who has flowers growing when impossible is the only definition? I have your assignments in seen and unseen ways. I will not always tell you what I Am doing in your life. Would you get a big head if I did so? I love your life, and I have ordered your steps. I breathe into you every morning and every night. You are a vessel that has greatness. I can do more with your willingness to surrender in all things big or small, but I will do some things without your knowledge because I desire you to have a return on your investment in all fullness.

If I gave away what you thought was yours, will I not replace it with better? Keep your attitude high with expectation and praise. My Child, I have only present after present for you to still open. What I hid for you to find, will make that disappointment turn into the most dearest reward for you. Thank Me even when you find it a challenge. For when you do, the enemy will lose his grip on your heart and mind. Walk into the new day with a new sense of revelation that what was not for your now, is going to find you again, and next time My unwavering goodness will overtake the reaper.”

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