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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word June 21, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says, “Did you move too quickly? Did you get to that door and find few things working out for you? Be ready in season and out of season, and know the time and seasons you are in. There are moments where I will give you a heads up far in advance before I will ask you to move. Other times, I give you little to no warning before you are asked to jump out. Many mistake the timing I Am giving them and act out of haste even when they can see that not everything has been prepared yet. When I prepare you, there are natural aspects and spiritual aspects.

By My hand will both come into the correct position. When you are getting ahead of Me, I will send you warnings which may seem like a contradiction in direction, but know that I Am seeking your attention. Many think that if there are giants in the new land then they are at the right place. Did I promise to remove the giants ahead of time? Not every new move will be one of great challenge and struggle. You can make life so much easier when you rest. I will place the timing in your spirit. No need to look around for signs that I will just give you when you are still.

I know you are eager for what I Am doing and sending you to. I Am excited for you as well. You will not be denied. A great shifting is enveloping you. What was out of order and chaotic is calming to a gentle stream flowing through the meadow that you are walking in right now. The horizon demonstrates the sunset but also the sunrise. Position yourself towards the sunrise for this is where you will find all of the favor I have set aside for you. People will ask you to focus on the sunset and mourn with them, but I say let the dead bury the dead. You are made for more and now is the more that is your portion.

What is old and worn out will be replaced with upgrades that are beyond imagining. You are not off course even on the days you feel turned around in circles. Don’t be confused by the morning fog. The Son will surely chase it away soon enough. Your eyes are about to see unimaginable glory from My Throne. I look forward to lavishing you with My love and care so detailed that even the insignificant will be perfect before your feet. You are worthy and you are loved. Stand and Stand with your arms wide open to receive with expectation. Your next step is walking into My fullness. The Celebration has already begun.“

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