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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Father's Day of Hope

Father's Day

To all of the Fathers far and wide. God has a special message for you.

God laid on my heart His grieving for the fathers that have been denied access to their children for unjust reasons.

God says, "I see your tears and pain. I will give you the justice that you are due for all of the schemes and lies that have been played against you through the years. I will restore the years you have lost with your children. Do not give up the faith that I will answer your prayers and come through on your behalf. In the secret, I Am preparing a way for your victory. Do not take matters into your own hands. Clear your conscious. I will heal your shame and condemnation before the lands. I Am healing your heart against those that have plotted your demise. Children need their father, and I Am their Father above all fathers. I will undo what has been done to harm these beautiful and precious children. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Nothing escapes My attention. I will do as I have promised. Be at peace with one and all. Flow in My Spirit and not in your flesh. I will bring great blessings and favor. I will give you purpose to all that you have gone through. I will right this wrong! You are Loved so deeply by Me this day. You are My Son and I care for all that you are going through. Know that your breakthrough will come by My Hand alone. Your hands will be clean, and you will find joy and freedom in how I handle all of these matters for you!"

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