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Daily Prophetic Word May 27, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says, “Stars fall from the heavens, but out of what ceases to be, comes the birth of new stars. Do not let what is crashing damage you beyond repair. I will build inside your world even better mysteries. Let Me remove what is decaying, so I can place in your hands a much grander gift. Do not mourn what is passing away. Just get excited for what is coming. Soon you won’t even remember what has left. Let it crash. Out of the rubble will bloom a fragrance that will shake the kingdoms far and wide.

I cannot put a blessing in hands that are full. For it is your need that attracts and pulls Me towards you. From your need, Heaven responds with violence, to break through all obstacles, to fill that demand. When you believe I Am a God that ignores your desperation, then you become your own stumbling block. Get your heart and mind settled on My Goodness in all things, for I have never wished harm to befall your life. Religion will tell you that I Am forever disappointed with mankind. What good would it do Me or you if I hung onto a people that I could never be pleased with? Erase such nonsense and get ready for My Glory to come with Power and Purpose this very day.

I Am not surprised by the timeline of man’s journey. I chose to go on this journey with you. Did you hear that? I chose you. I chose you on your worst days and your best days. In My economy, the Blood of Christ washes away the less than, and only leaves the purest of Gems before My Throne. You are not a sickly people. You are My Beloved Sons and Daughters. I have made a way through every spot when there seemed to be no possible way of redemption, and yet, here you are fully redeemed.

Forget those that will not choose to see My Loving Hands over all. They are too busy preparing for 40 lashes, to enjoy a walk in My Garden. You don’t have to make life harder for yourself or others. I Am and will continue to take you from Glory to Glory. You are free, so maintain a mind of the truth and fact that I have not changed My Mind about you. It does not matter what you just did 30 minutes ago. I still embrace you. I will still mold you into all that you ever thought or even dreamed, you could be. You are just at the beginning in the best years of your life. Do not throw it away for false beliefs and an assortment of lies. I will give you more blessings than you can carry or contain. Just keep following My Voice.”

~Blessings Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope

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Replenished Hope

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