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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 26, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says, “You are carved out of My Image. And out of My Image is a distinct drive to create. Be the creator that you were made to be. See an obstacle and create your solution. Will I not give you ideas to birth out of your own mind and hands? I desire for you to explore the world around you. I have fashioned you with limitless potential. Create your world and watch if I will not bless your efforts and call them Good.

Brick walls are not meant to stop you, they are meant for you to find the strategies to free yourself of what is holding you back. Many are waiting for life to just happen to them. Take back your life and set your course with full intention behind your actions. You are not a sail ship cast adrift on the vast ocean subject to the terms of mere nature to guide you along. The enemy will tell you that there is no hope, but as you can see, I will even part the sea. You are not backed against the wall. Come out of hiding and get ready to be launched into freedom from all that has bound you in the present.

The authority you accept over your life is the one that governs you. Be careful which authority you have placed over your head. Not all have the right to be there. What you accept is what you allow. Use My divine wisdom to know which is the right path and which is full of deceptions and lies. Be mindful of who you take into your confidences. Not all will have your best interests, as their spirit is not for you. The serpent is a cunning spirit and will use those around you to place illegal roadblocks before you. Do not accept what is not from My Voice.

The enemy knows what you are capable of. He will use his best offenses to disarm you. Stand and step over what is coming against you this hour. You may have to walk away from people and situations that continue to be influenced by religious spirits. They will use manipulation to get you to stop doing something they deem as wrong. I Am the only authority that dictates your destiny. Cut off the head to the serpent and refuse to let it slither in your garden any longer. If you don’t, the enemy will lay more eggs and rise up more voices against you. I will cover you, and protect you under My pinions. For what can man do to you anyway if I Am your Lord!”

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