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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 22, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/22/2016

The Father says, “Smile and Rest for your concerns are being looked after. No need to pace and toil, I have My storehouses full just for you. What you believe in is what you will receive. Do not let anyone steal your peace. Many will ask you over and over what you are going to do about this and that problem. You should not feel obligated to try to convince those of little faith that your Faith will move mountains. The timing of your miracle is the focus of those with little trust. You are never denied even when a delay manifests.

Understand that delays only build interest that you will be paid as well. Rejoice for even in a time of wait, you will be compensated. Even when the enemy throws his best at you, just laugh, for I Am about to turn his weapons against him for My Glory and Honor. Let your praises lift the ceiling and soar your spirit into the Heavenly Realms. Do not let your moods be swayed by circumstances. You have a will and freedom to choose to walk in My light or stir in the dark. I will give you so many reasons to dance, but if you are only staring at the ground, you will surely miss what is evident all around.

I keep time, and I keep you. Do you not exist outside of time and space as well? Think of yourself as an eternal being and not a mere mortal destined to perish. What is before your eyes; this too shall pass. Let Me help you find clarity and direction. I will not leave you alone without My Voice. I have your hand, let’s move forward. Stop when I say stop, and move when I say move. Just as Moses was guided by the cloud by day and the fire by night, I will be there for you. We will not be stopping until you reach the promised land of what I have been waiting for you to inhabit.

What you go through now, will prepare you for what is just over that hill. I will make those giants look like ants. Feel your feet trampling over even the scorpions and snakes. You are called to Rule and Reign with Me. Are you not seated next to Me in heavenly places? You have already arrived there. You are not waiting to get there. Know that you have already overcome the trials of today. You have already seen the trials of tomorrow and jumped over those too. See yourself with the true perfection that I Am doing in you. There is nothing too difficult to conquer. Release yourself over to Me fully, and just watch how I change all that is out of alignment into complete divine agreement. Nothing will be overlooked. Do you trust that I would do all of this for you?”

~Blessings Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope ‪#‎replenishedhope‬ ‪#‎dailypropheticword‬ ‪#‎dailyprophetic‬ @replenishedhope

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