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The Promises of God

There are so many out there that just do not understand the prophetic or what to do when God gives us a personal prophetic word.

First- The prophetic speaks to your potential. Understand that Jesus changed the nature of the prophetic in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit lives in you now. He is your compass first and foremost. When you fail to hear Him, then He may send another voice to you.

Second- Prophecy is conditional.

Jesus’s prophecy

Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said to them, "Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel."

This never happened and never will happen! Why? Judas was one of the twelve. He chose to betray Jesus instead of being a part of this mission from God, and then he killed himself.

Does this make Jesus a False Prophet? No, of course not. This prophetic word was a NOW word, which means at that moment in time, Judas was not planning to betray Jesus. Also, the prophetic word speaks to your highest potential in and through God. The prophetic word is a glimpse into how God sees you. You have to accept the word and rise up higher to become what the word is for your life. This is part of the Potter’s Wheel. He makes us into the vessel that we need to be to reach our highest call and destiny. We are always in the BECOMING of what God is doing with us.

If God speaks to you personally about something that He wants to bring into your life, you have a responsibility to align and join in that word. If you believe God will just do it all with no direct participation from you, then you will watch those promises fall to the ground. Prophecy is all about ACTION. Sometimes, we are just to hold onto it with Faith like Sarah waiting for Isaac to come. Sometimes, we have to walk through many steps of full preparation before that promise will manifest. Sitting on the couch will not be the preparation God is speaking about. Knowledge and education is an aspect of becoming prepared and with it comes power. Without a vision, God’s people perish. Surround yourself with people moving in areas that you would like to move in. Ask, Seek, and Knock. You just never know how God will bring that promise to light.

What God just spoke to me a minute ago is that many of His people have thrown their promises to the ground. He wants every one of you to decide in your heart and mind to pick back up what He has spoken over your life.

This could be a calling in your life that you rejected in your youth for one reason or another. Or maybe you heard the promise, but you just felt it would never come true. God will not pass you by unless you truly want that. He is patient with mercy and grace. Today is the day to walk in His Glory and Light. Age is NOT a factor in God's Kingdom.

Understand that the enemy immediately goes to stop any and all prophetic words from the Throne of God the minute it is released. Since the beginning, God has used the Prophetic Voice to speak to man, and since the beginning the enemy has tried to get the people to fight against God’s voice and His vessels. Nothing is more true than today. God has raised up an army of the Prophetic and has been bringing back the 5 Fold Ministry into His Body. God is all about structured authority and ranks in His Bride, but the enemy sends the spirit of rebellion far and wide to disrupt the Bride’s flow and effectiveness. The people do not want to submit to God given authority nor accept God’s correction for their lives. If we want God's work in and through us to prosper and flourish then we must watch and guard against the toxic words and thoughts coming from us. They are surely seeds of the enemy meant to destroy our lives.

So what do we need to do?

Go back to anything you let fall off of your radar over the years. God desires TODAY to Resurrect those Dead Bones and Bring You Back to Life through the Promises that He says will not return void. If we continue to reject what God has spoken to us, that word will just fall upon another willing vessel.

Hold out your hands and Let the Father bless you, for His Favor is your portion! God loves you so deeply. Speak against the liar and accuser in your life. Let Hope Arise in you yet again. You are limitless! Walk as God's Royal Sons and Daughters. You are so Loved and So needed at Such a Time as This! You Are Important- Always.

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