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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 16, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/16/2016

The Father says, “Decide in your mind and heart what you desire and start walking towards it. Many wait for someone to give them authority or something magical to happen before they move. I say to you, just pick up your things in your mind, make the steps towards the picture, and soon all will come into order. Before you can receive, you must formulate the dream in your mind and believe with your heart. If I Am for you, these dreams will surely manifest.

Start your preparations. Get your house in order. What you want to do in life surely requires knowledge and connections. Let Me show you the best course to take for the highest level of success. No dream is too small or too big. Past failures indicates you are willing to learn and keep moving ahead. Do not stop because you received a closed door. I will open the right do

ors only, not the wrong doors. Even when something looks perfect, I know whether it truly is or not.

Come to Me. Share all of your hopes and dreams. Revive even the dreams you had in your youth. Can I not pick up what has fallen to the ground and make it soar? I have called you to be prosperous in all things. Clear your wrong motives off of the table, and let’s commune together about what you can do under the umbrella of righteousness. I will not allow you to even have a good thing if you receive it to your detriment. Giving a baby a new car does the child no potential good, so too will I wait for the right moment to give you a heart’s desire. This is not a denial but for your protection.

Chasing after what is not in My plans will come crashing down at some time. But I tell you, now is the time for you to chase after all that I Am bringing up to your mind in this hour. Let your faith arise. Stand with people going where you are going. Good counsel comes out of being around like minded people. Hold out your hands. New tools are coming to you. Ask Me for new talents so that you may do what you are seeking. Can I not give an ability that was never there before? You are limitless. Put on your mind of great expectations!"

~Blessings Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope ‪#‎replenishedhope‬ ‪#‎dailypropheticword‬ ‪#‎dailyprophetic‬

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