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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 14, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/14/2016

The Father says, “When you want more, I will satisfy the hunger deep within your spirit. Many of you have been getting by riding a bicycle, but I say to you that upgrade is coming to you. I desire you to move faster and accomplish what I give you even sooner than before. Watch and see as assignments seem to have an easier mobility about them, and what looks out of alignment when you arrive, just suddenly comes into perfect agreement. Even people who voiced discontentment will shift into My purposes as I send you out.

Do not let this season catch you off guard. Many have gotten so used to waiting, that they have become distracted into other routines and activities. The promises you have been holding onto are coming to you one by one. Can you say, my wait is over? Although the storm has made you weary, I Am restoring your strength and passion yet again. I have taken all of your needs into account, and I Am checking them off one by one. Do not look at what failed to go as you had hoped and say that this is the final outcome.

It does not matter how many bad reports or dead ends that you have encountered, I Am still saying yes to your requests. Stretch your faith and belief to reach for the impossible. It does not matter if others around you have this level of faith to keep pushing and pressing, you just continue to stand. Let your hope catch on fire this day. Pick up what you thought I was denying. Light your candle and stand until your path becomes fully lit. I will make you forget all of the sorrow you experienced during the wait.

Shift your focus. Change your mindset to one that knows that I Am always for you and never against you. It does not matter how the plan got derailed, I can and will get you to where you are going regardless. Look through a lens of All Things Are Possible for those who believe. My people are blessed even on the cloudiest of days. See through the lies from the pit of hell. You were designed to thrive in all circumstances. Nothing is more true than this for you now.”

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