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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word May 12, 2016

Daily Prophetic Word 5/12/2016

The Father says, “Sing and Prophesy over your own life. What you speak has power. Do not leave the day open to negative words for the enemy comes like a thief in the night. Speak life not death into your situations. Let the vibrations from your voice shatter all that is against you. I Am a Father who looks to prosper My Children in all aspects. Forsake the lies that would say otherwise. I created you to walk in blessings not curses. To change the path into gold, just Speak it and Believe! Watch circumstances change to your benefit. I would do no less for you.

Let Me speak to your heart and mind concerning all that is blocking My favor from touching your life. There are unseen forces that will move against you, but I will bring light to the dark and expose all that influencing your outcomes. Many have placed on their old rags again. Your identity is a New Creation infused with Christ’s DNA. Living as you were will only demonstrate that you desire to continue with the father of lies. He offers you destruction at every turn, for bait and switch is his only game. Come to My Rivers to be replenished yet again. I Am the God of second beginnings.

Wipe off the years of disillusionment. I have been with you since the beginning of all that I created. I have guided you with unfailing love. Do not look at this world and decide that I no longer desire to keep you safe in My Arms. I have not turned away from mankind. I established a way before there was a way even needed. If I knew what man would do with free will at the onset, I could have just decided to go a different route, but NO! I loved you so completely that I wanted My creation despite the evil that would infiltrate My Plans. I placed My Son on the altar to pay for all of mankind’s sins, and no one was left out of that plan.

Even when you once were out of My Kingdom, I considered you Mine. You can reject Me, but I still will not stop looking in your direction with unending love. Come let’s reconcile together this very day. All of the secret and hidden areas that you are holding onto, let Me pour My Healing Oil over those tender places. What you are holding onto may not be serving you. Let Me remove what is placing limits over your life. A deep pruning will allow you to Bloom fully as I desire life to be for you. You are worthy of all of the beauty that I have for those I call Mine!”


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