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Are We Really in the Days of Sodom and Gomorrah- What Does God Want Us To Know?

Are We Really in the Days of Sodom and Gomorrah- What Does God Want Us To Know?

When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah it was a major defeat for the enemy. If we remember, Abraham had pleaded with God to spare this city if there were 50 and all the way down to 10 righteous people. God said He would spare the city for 10 good people, which were not to be found among them. The cities were destroyed. The enemy no longer had an outlet to let this evil grow in this region.

So what is different about today? We clearly see the enemy has poisoned nations around the world with this sin again. But things are different this time around.

I have spoken before about one of my callings from God concerning freeing those captive in the LGBT lifestyle. For those that have missed my prior posts about this topic, I will give a brief explanation to the issue at hand.

Our soul is the aspect in us that is still subject to the curse of the Garden of Eden fall. When our soul gets wounded through sins we have done; sins done against us, generational sins/curses passed onto us; or trauma, a gateway is open for the enemy to now have the legal right to attack us. The enemy may assign a demon to you, and that demon will carry out what it has dominion over. This could be depression; suicide; diseases; anxiety; murder; self-mutilation, addiction, etc etc as well as, sexual orientation issues. Sexual demons are among the strongest that I have encountered on the individual person’s level. As we can see, all around us, sexual demons have a major impact in our world on so many levels and areas. Demons can only manifest what you are open to. The reason why generational problems are so easily passed onto others in the family line is because there is an open gateway already established.

Remember, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Often times, the enemy will test a person to see if they will open a gateway to LGBT by giving them thoughts concerning someone of the same sex for example. It may start with just a thought to kiss someone of the same sex. The person can either rebuke those thoughts and see the plot of the enemy for what it is, or slowly ponder and wonder if they are gay etc. We have to give him permission in two steps; one have a soul wound that is not dealt with by us; two be open to the gateway the demon wants to enter. This is the reason why LGBT people believe they were born this way; the thoughts are as automatic as someone who has any other struggle where a demon is involved. The thoughts are unending, and eventually the person accepts the lies from the enemy. The enemy is winning over the youth, and right now, many think it is “cool” to be gay or bi-sexual, and many most certainly play with this fire in their dating lives.

The problems with soul wounds are that the initial wound may have no bearing on which demon comes to attach to that wound. (I am not speaking about demonic possession in this post). For instance, you may have an emotional wound from some past event, and a physical disease will manifest. God will tell us what the root cause is to our problems when we seek Him for those answers. You can’t put out a fire if you do not know where it is burning. When the soul wound gets healed, the enemy no longer has the legal right to attach to that previous wound and must leave. There are times, a demon will leave that healed wound and attempt to just reattach to another unhealed soul wound. This is especially true for those that believe they were actually healed of a problem, but the problem seemed to come back. This is how it happened.

Another issue is soul wounds can cause us to continue to sin more, which leaves us with more soul wounds and more potential for the enemy to get a foothold in our life. This is why dealing with our wounds is so vitally important. Never let it fester. Deal with it immediately, and continue to work on old wounds! God will bring up what we still need to be healed of. He will not bring things up all at once. This will be a life long process. We are getting wounded every day in big and what seems like insignificant ways, as well. Just being offended for 3 seconds, wounds our soul. We are in a society that is always offended. Once you realize what this does to you, it will surely change how you respond to situations. Pay attention to what triggers you. This is surely an indication of a soul wound that needs healing.

So why is this all different than Sodom and Gomorrah? One of the things that God shared with me, as He has been preparing me to write a book on this topic, is that many of those in this sin of LGBT are actually HIS SHEEP! We are not looking at the unrighteous in entirety this go around. The enemy took that defeat at Sodom and Gomorrah and turned it around to attack God’s people too. We see that churches are turning away from God’s truth now and openly using leaders who are living in this sin. Do not become blind yourself to the schemes of the enemy. Just as God said He would not respond to sin by Flooding the Earth again, He is not repeating the destruction at Sodom and Gomorrah either. God deals with us differently as situations also change. For one thing, Christ has already paid the penalty for all of the sins of mankind. God's wrath has been satisfied. This does not mean that God does not judge unrepentant sin. It just means His hand has patience, mercy, and grace as the weight of His response. Continue to reject Him speaking to you about a problem, and He will eventually judge that sin.

Christ died for all of our sins. No one is better than another person, and we all have blind spots in our own life that we just can’t see well. We need to stand in unity against this lie, but do it with the Wisdom and Knowledge from the Throne of God. One thing that will surprise people is that God is behind this all becoming legal. I know- WHAT?!?!?!?! You see when slavery became legal, people’s hearts began to change until it was outlawed in America. Abortion was made legal, and we are living now in a time where people are more and more seeing it is wrong and laws are changing. When people get what they want, they suddenly have nothing to fight against. God’s Spirit starts speaking to them about the sin and hearts turn back to God. It is a painful process to watch and be a part of. Telling people they can’t do something only gives them a spirit of rebellion and closes their heart to God. Letting them live in the consequences of their sin and choices, gives the heart a new awakening. Much like the Prodigal Son, we have to wait for them to want to repent and come home.

This does not mean we condone what they are doing or let it infiltrate God’s house. Everyone is a sinner in God’s house, but it is what they are doing about their sin that is the key. Leaders in God’s Kingdom should not be blatantly living in unrepentant sin. You will never find a perfect sinless leader, however do not be fooled into taking in their acceptance of living a life of sin as being okay.

People have asked me how I go about helping people get their healing and become free of these issues. I will tell you that I wait on God to soften their heart and give me an open door into the issue. There is no sense to screaming at the darkness. If people do not want to be free, nothing I will say will ever change that. I have learned to “Just Be” around people from all walks of life and sins. My role is different for each person. Sometimes, I will lead them through to completion and full healing. Other times, I merely plant seeds that will be watered and grow, and in time, lead to their freedom. Pray for the people to have their hearts come back to God. Do not pray against the enemy. You will only leave yourself open to being attacked yourself if you wage spiritual warfare on a demonic power that has the legal right to be there. The people’s hearts must change for the enemy to lose its right to be there. Only then, will we see this problem change.

I pray a blessing over you today where God’s wisdom and discernment will fill your spirit up as you go out into the world that you have impact over. I ask God to open your own heart to areas that the enemy has the legal right over, and give you the path on how to be free. I pray healing and restoration to your heart and mind so that wounds will be healed now in the Name of Jesus, and the enemy will flee from his dominion over your life. I pray that this will ripple over each member of your family and down your family line. Let us walk in the Glory that God has given to us. Let us see with the Eyes of an Eagle, and Hear with the Ears of an Owl. You are made for more. Let God come down where you are and show you all that He has for you today and forever! Amen.

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