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Daily Prophetic Word November 28, 2015

The Father says, “I Am wrapping up the final touches on several areas that are coming to a close, so that you will be free to start with the new. Allow Me to breathe a fresh breeze over you to remove all of the staleness that has developed. Your mind has spent too long contemplating what will happen that you are unable to see the fullness of what is happening around you now. I Am removing the sadness from your eyes, and restoring the brightness and wonderment that you once knew as My Child. Like a bride lifting her veil, so too will you be unveiling new aspects of My Nature in this new season. You have been in a time of hiddenness, and now there will be a time of manifestation. For what has been developing in secret will be revealed. Although you have felt the pressure and excitement, there are wonderful surprises that you have not anticipated. Many promises are going to be fulfilled through you that began with your ancestors. For My Word will not return void, and what was not able to come forth then, will so through you with an increased blessing. Assignments that were not completed will be handed down to you and your children, and your children’s children. For I say to you this day, that My Glory and Honor will be seen through your line. What was meant for evil will not stand forever. I Am ripping and tearing away all that is not of My Will for your life. I have created and made you to be the vessel that will be able to carry forth this call and assignment. You have been tried and proven true. My Word will never fall to the ground nor fade away!” ~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn


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