Daily Prophetic Word November 30, 2017


The Father says, If I Am truly your Lord and King, then you must decide how you will live the rest of your days on earth. I know what I desire and have made plans for. What do you desire? Be the Light that the world has been searching for! I Promise you will not regret it. I will not fail or disappoint you. I will reward you beyond all that you perceive. Favor and Blessing flows freely from My Hands.


Many walk their life as if I have given them nothing special. Every day, wake up with expectation that I will expose and use what I have placed deep within your vessel. From the womb, did I design you. Do not give your parents credit for what only I can do for you. Every aspect did I put into motion even when you have barely explored what I have placed upon you.


This season is a wake up season. Who slumbers will be jolted into being Present. It is time to live beyond the normal status and walk in the world of Nothing Truly is Impossible. I am not a boring God. Take a Chance. Take a Risk. I didn't give you a ‘less than’ option in this world. You are coming into truly understanding what Being My Beloved really means to Me, not man.


I will break off generations of junk still choking your purpose. What comes against you will launch you into what you were made to do and be. I am moving in and through you like you have never experienced before. Open your Heart and Open your Mind. Let go of religious notions that only a few can get close to Me. I am Here for You! Nothing will keep me away from you being My first priority. Your burdens are Mine and Your Joys are My Pleasure!

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October 3, 2018

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