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The Python Spirit is Breaking

As I was spending time with the Lord today, I saw the Python, that has been squeezing the world, start to lose its grip through sudden weakness. This spirit has the characteristics of lying and fear. It uses them in tandem to choke its victim. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you will realize the lies and fear that are rampant right now, causing people to react out of those whispers from this spirit. Even though some people are just out of their minds in the haze of this spirit, more and more are seeing through the schemes to the truth that is so plainly there.

This is an important season for you to break out of every lie and deception the enemy or man has delivered to you. While God is dealing with things on a Global scale in unison, go before the Lord and ask Him to reveal ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have believed as truth that is not. It does not matter if a textbook and teacher taught you the lie; it does not matter if your favorite pastor told you something wrong; ask Him for His perfect truth. Be open to what He will show you and tell you to research more about. We must be a people of authentic study to show ourselves approved. Since I was a teenager, I have done this exact thing before the Lord. I was raised in a Baptist world but knew what was inside of me was far more than what they taught or believed. It flowed out of me effortlessly. I have rarely accepted much at face value. Trust that God will reveal deep revelation even when you have not asked. When your heart is a seeker of the truth in all things, God will show Himself in all things. He will increase your wisdom, discernment, and your spiritual senses to where you can see the lie before it hits your door. You will see the enemy moving around that lie and know the strategy to destroy the workings around you.

True Revival begins when people are no longer in snares that they so gladly allowed. Drinking the kool-aid of man or the devil will surely lead to death in life. Allowing sin to run unchecked in your life will open gateways that place you in bondage. God hasn’t changed His mind about what is a sin and what is not. He loves you beyond imagining. The Lord will not deny you what is Good but He will to what is destruction. Choose Freedom in everything and you will find that Freedom is your way of life.


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