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At some point I am sure I will write a full teaching on this and other controversial topics. This is the season of division amongst Pro-Christmas and Anti-Christmas Christians. I believe the biggest issue is the lack of REAL study into this matter and understanding that what seems cut and dry is far from the truth. History can be a mudded mess especially when we get to Calendars and Traditions. I have compiled a few in-depth posts here for you to do your own study on. Much has become hearsay and not factual truth from group to group.

The Lord desires us Free and to be Free we have to know our Bible and our Lord. We can't be swayed by those that believe this or that is unlawful and a disgrace before God just merely because they believe this or that. On the other side, we cannot be naïve to aspects the devil would like to ensnare us in. Not everything is evil just because someone thinks it based on limited study. In the same, not everything evil can be redeemed by God. You wouldn't think to redeem an Ouija board and many Christians have tried to redeem tarot cards to turn them into prophetic. NO! The psychic etc is the devil's answer to the prophetic. You are only hearing what demons have to say, I promise.

I will tell you the quick difference... in Genesis 6, the fallen angels came down to corrupt mankind. They created hybrid people who were part angel and human. These fallen angels advanced mankind's knowledge GREATLY and taught them high level concepts and actions. The fallen angels taught many centuries worth of distorted information and lies. Many of those included how to worship the fallen angels and demons. This is where we get into false religions and their practices. If man created something it can be redeemed for God, through a change in heart and intent. If the fallen angel/demon taught man something in order to be worshipped or gain some sort of spiritual insight/advancement, it cannot and WILL NOT be redeemed by God. It is still the house of the devil no matter what Christians desire to believe. Understand that we are not talking about the devil's counterfeit to God's authentic. These will always be two separate kingdoms and never merge. We are just speaking to redeeming what is the devil's and calling it God's. For example, there is not two kingdoms to Yoga. Christians have merely tried to redeem it for God. This is a topic for another day, but I just wanted to leave you with an example. Yoga was strictly designed and given to man by the devil to worship him and his friends. It has power not to be underestimated.

I have made a habit since I was a teen to clear my mind of opinions and let the Lord Speak. I have always maintained a clear and open relationship that I do not want to LIVE IN ANY DECEPTION. It does not matter if it is a man-made push/ knowledge or thought to be Biblical "Truth." If you really understand that most of science is merely a belief or theory that has never been proven would it change your mind to readily accept it?

So here is a beginner's guide to all things Christmas.. It is thick and weighty. Enjoy!

~Blessings MaryEllen McCloud Replenished Hope ‪#‎replenishedhope‬ ‪#‎dailypropheticword‬ ‪#‎dailyprophetic ‬ Replenished Hope Ministries


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