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Really, Is It Time? Can We Go?

I was raised in church hearing this idea that there would be more people in Hell than in Heaven. What an intensely disturbing thought. However, I fully believe that this is a complete twisting of scripture and error to the very Nature of God.

One question... Do we really believe God will lose to a created finite foe? It is true that hell was created for the fallen angels, and mankind placed himself in that same penalty, BUT... and here is the big BUT... God redeemed man completely and made a way where there was no way. The angels have never gotten that blessing and favor.

God is not finished with His perfect plan for our world. People can scream all day long that the world is ending, but listen... the enemy wants people to Give Up Hope so that they never reach the Fullness of what God would like to do with their Life. When you think it is all done and over with, will you really reach for those dreams God has put in your spirit to do and accomplish?

God desires for us to be ready In Season and Out of Season. We need to do what He is calling us to do in this season of our lives. What He has called each one of us to do is still so Vitally Important to His plan for the World. God is more than able to handle the rest without the fear and doomsday predictions. People have Always thought the Time Was Up and yet here We All Still Are. War after War; Natural and Spiritual

There are BILLIONS that God is still reaching out to. There are whole nations that are on the verge of coming to Him. God is ramping things up not winding things down. We have work to do, and God will remember if we did our call or folded up shop instead.


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