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Do We Want the Old or the New?- Our Actions Are Doing the Talking!

The enemy desires you to live under the Old Testament Covenant in all that you do and say because when you do, you are in reality rejecting the New Covenant that Christ died to give you. Christ did not come to abolish the Old Covenant. He fulfilled and completed it. In the Old Covenant sin caused God's presence to leave. God is Holy and cannot be in the presence of sin.A blood sacrifice is what would wipe the slate clean again, but it was temporary.

The New Covenant established a Covering and Washing of your sins for they were all paid for in full on the Cross. ALL means ALL. No longer was this covering only temporary. You are a New Creation! This is not a cute saying designed to make you smile. No, let this sink in. YOU are completely different from Head to Toe. Every cell has been supernaturally changed. You now are the Temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in 24 hours a day. No longer does SIN Separate you from God's Presence. Only you can choose to separate from God. Don't choose to do that.

It is now the Christ in you that is your Hope. The days of men striving to reach God ended. He is with you always!

Are you treating others as the New Covenant Creation that they are as well? Or do we throw the stones of the Old Covenant at a person when they fail in their human performance? All will fail God. There is no area of life that we will not fail in some respect. He is not keeping score or comparing who is better at sinning than another. Striving is working through the mindset of performance. Man has never been able to keep the Old Covenant Laws because even thinking will cause you to break a law just as much as doing. The Law was given to show mankind that we need a Savior.

We do not escape the consequences, good or bad, from the deeds that we sow. A repentant heart will reap a beautiful harvest, not because of ourselves, but in spite of it, because we serve a Mighty and Beautifully Loving God! Our ashes are His opportunity to change something that was nothing desirable into His amazing. We can't earn the Love that He so freely gives. Change your mindset and Live in the Freedom that Christ is offering today.


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