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"It's Closing Time"

"It's Closing Time" by MaryEllen McCloud


In my routine this morning, and the Holy Spirit placed in my spirit the song "Closing Time." I have not heard this song since probably when it was popular at the end of the 90's.

I have been in a holding pattern, in many respects since 2012, when God told me a major chapter in my life was finally coming to an end. I had been anticipating this ending since it began 18 years ago never knowing when. Many mixed emotions fill my spirit and heart regarding this 18 year journey. Words fail me most days.

I sense that many of God's people are in similar moments right now. They know major changes are coming to their life and not always quite sure what do or not do. As much as you dread the ending of some wonderful parts in your life, you know the future is not open until you leave the past and embrace the new.

The Flowers are Blooming in honor of this new season of transition. What is ahead is far far greater than what is currently in your hands. Your sorrow will turn to Joy. See beyond the natural and into all that God is doing in your life. He so loves you beyond the ability to comprehend. If this time was not necessary for your future, it would not be so. Take time for yourself and let purpose come in the shift. God is not expecting you to be perfect. He understands all that you are feeling right now and into the weeks to come. Everything is going to be just beautiful! Trust Him to take you from Glory to Glory. He surely will not fail.

Closing time Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen McCloud

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