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  • MaryEllen McCloud

What the Enemy Hopes You Won't Do

One of the biggest weapons and lies from the enemy is to get you to accept something about you, or your life, or your situation as "this is supposed to be there, and I should not try to do anything about it." He may even allow you to twist a scripture or two to confirm this lie before you. After all, is this not the oldest game the enemy has used against mankind?

If the enemy can get you to fully accept something that should not actually be, he knows you will never fight his authority over your life. And no matter who God sends to expose this lie before you, you will continue to reject that truth because the shame of knowing you believed a lie is so much greater. Do not let pride stop you from listening to what others say. Take it before the Lord and be still, until you hear His confirmations. Let the Holy Spirit minister to you. And do not for one moment think that the enemy will not try to hang onto the control he has over you, once you decide to break free from the lies.

God can speak wisdom and discernment to you all day long. Will you listen?

~Many Blessings~Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope

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