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What Obedience Looks Like In God's Kingdom

A few years ago, there was this visiting worship leader ministering to a church through personal invitation. The last night of ministry, the church had already taken up two separate offerings during the service. As the worship leader was performing, God had him stop. God told him to take up a third offering with no reason given. The worship leader paused and questioned God about the fact that they had already asked two prior times for offerings. Wanting to be obedient, the leader took the microphone and asked for another offering to be taken. He set the baskets at the front below the stage. As people looked confused, he said give everything you have in your wallet and purses, even all of the change. As people obeyed the request, the baskets began to overflow. God then told the worship leader to look straight ahead at the girl in pink. As he looked at the woman straight ahead, a few rows back, she was not wearing pink. As he began to point her out, a little girl stepped out from behind the woman dressed in a pink shirt. Then God spoke through the leader. Little girl, your daddy just walked out on you, but know that your Father in Heaven loves you, and you will be taken care of. As her mother wept and came to the front, the leader prophesied over their situation, and handed her all of the baskets of money. That night, God used His people through their sacrificial giving, to a cause they had no prior knowledge of, to bless this family that was destitute. This woman's husband had left her, and she had no means to pay any of their mounting bills. God was not done here! The woman later told this leader that she had to move back in with her parents who were not very supportive. When she decided to go to this church that night, she was not a member of the church, but wanted to go for the special event. Her parents, who were not saved, criticized the church, saying that all churches are just greedy and in it for the money. When the woman went home and showed her parents what God and these people had done for her.... $4000.00 worth... The parents joined their daughter the following Sunday and gave their life to Christ. We are called to be obedient in all things to God. When we look beyond ourselves, we will experience the Beauty that God desires to do through us and for us. We will never reap full Kingdom blessings until we learn to die to ourselves, and follow God no matter what the cost!

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