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It Is All About Perspective

It Is All About Perspective!

You are only as free as you allow God to make you! Many Christians take up cause after cause thinking that these are the topics that He cares about. As you get closer and closer to God, He begins to reveal to you just how free you really are. There are certainly things in the world that can damage our soul, but so many things that we can take up a picket sign for arenot those types of problems for His Body. Too many are living in the Old Testament. Christ did a Finished Work on the Cross. Not just with the sin curse, but with many other aspects that used to be issues for His people in the Old Testament. We are under a New Covenant! We are COVERED by His Blood. This means far more than many understand or believe. Embrace what this fully means. Let God show you all that this affects in your life. The enemy of our soul is a defeated foe. He only has power if we feel that he does. The enemy seeks to taint everything of God. Pay attention to ways that God is making things Good again and reclaiming what the enemy placed his name upon. I know many speak about breaking off every assignment of the enemy against someone. I will tell you something that will floor you. The attacks that the enemy has done against me are by far some of the best things that have ever happened to me. THIS IS THE GOD WE SERVE! I won't go into the details because many won't be able to handle the aspects of what has taken place in my life. But I am here to tell you that had those things not been a reality, I would never be who I am today, nor would I be able to carry the weight of the Mantles and Anointings over my life. God has blessed me like Job over and over and over from the hideous attacks played by the hand of the enemy. Know that if the enemy chronically has you in his cross-hairs, then you have an amazing Hand of God on your life. Everything can be a launching point or a stumbling block. It just depends on how you see it. This is not making light of the tragedy or pain we all go through. This is to Highlight how Amazing, Wonderful, and Gracious God is. He can turn around every circumstance to a place where we may not desire that moment to not have happened any differently. Coming to this place is very difficult, and several years may pass before we arrive. I know from my own life, my painful moments have brought others freedom and healing. I have had so many people tell me that they know they will get through their own storms because of how I got through mine. When I was 23, God told me to write a book about my life. I knew the book was not for then. In 2012, I started writing that book. I have been waiting for this final chapter to end in my life to finish off this book. It has been some of the hardest years in my life right now. Many times, I look at this and say, why has this time been harder than the mountains of other things I have been through. I can only say that this battle has come at me from multiple aspects and angles. God told me 16 years ago about what I am currently facing. However, when I imagined this time, I was not even close to the reality of the hand that was dealt me. There were moments when I wanted to start from 2012 over again and make different choices. Now that I am at the end of this season, I can say that I wouldn't go back for any of it. No, I am not pleased with how things have gone or what has resulted over and over, but I choose to just keep moving forward. Some events have taken place that even make it difficult to finish my book. I am just not sure how to include a specific aspect. To leave it out is leaving a hole, and a major part of the last 4 years. To put it in would be like a landmine that will continue to ripple. God and I will have to sort it out in the end. I encourage you to write the book of your own life. Write down all the moments that you feel are significant and path changing. Then next to each item, write down what Good God brought out of those events. Take your time exploring all of the ways a blessing came forth to you or others. As you walk on this journey, God will come and heal you of those parts that are still wounded. He desires to make you healed and whole. He desires that you know that you know that nothing is missing and nothing is broken. Let Him place you as a Beacon on a Hill for all to see what God can do. Let the enemy fully realize that he failed to do any harm at all to you in reality. In fact, all of his schemes will backfire in the end. God is that Mighty and Powerful! I will serve Him through anything because of who He is. God is so worthy to be praised. Let Him free you today of all that you have been carrying. Nail it all to the Cross. By His stripes are you Healed!

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