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What To Do With a Prophetic Word

There are many articles and books written about how to best understand and help manifest a prophetic word to come true in your life. I am not going to go over those aspects, but I am going to go over some aspects that many are not as familiar with. Jesus’s prophecy Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said to them, "Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. This never happened and never will happen! Why? Judas was one of the twelve. He chose to betray Jesus instead of being a part of this mission from God, and then he killed himself. Does this make Jesus a False Prophet? No, of course not. This prophetic word was a NOW word, which means at that moment in time, Judas was not planning to betray Jesus. Also, the prophetic word speaks to your highest potential in and through God. The prophetic word is a glimpse into how God sees you. You have to accept the word and rise up higher to become what the word is for your life. This is part of the Potter’s Wheel. He makes us into the vessel, that we need to be, to reach our highest call and destiny. We are always in the BECOMING of what God is doing with us. So what happened? Understand that the minute a prophetic word is released, the enemy moves in to stop it. The enemy hates the prophetic more than anything else. The prophetic was and is one of God’s main way to spread His Voice over the Earth. The enemy will surely try to get you out of sync and alignment with that word, so that it does not come to fruition. He wants you to walk away, and abort the Promise God spoke to you. You must realize what is happening in the spirit realm around you, and work with God to see His words happen in your life. The Bible is filled with Prophets and God’s Prophetic Voice. The enemy wants to silence the Prophetic so that you will be without God’s Prophetic Voice. God knew what Judas would choose to do, but in that Now moment, God was speaking to his potential, and God’s desire for him. We all have free will to not make a prophetic word happen. Judas knew what Jesus had said about him, and chose to walk away. You can kill a word spoken over you very quickly when you say that can’t or won’t happen. Even if you seem to agree with the word, but your heart and mind say something else. You must completely want to align with that word and not turn back. You must seek God for instructions, and listen and follow what He says. Prophetic words are not a magic wand with ‘Poof’ in purple mist over you. God gives us a word, and we do nothing with it, how do you expect it to come true? If God speaks about your destiny, but you do not sit with God to hear His instructions, and do nothing to prepare for the role you will be in, how do you think it will come about? God told me I was going to write many best selling books. For me to do that, I need to write books, plain and simple. The quality of the book is the next level. I need to spend time with God for direction, and for the Spirit to lead me on what to say with revelation. Third, I need to understand how to write effectively, which will get better as I spend time doing it. The anointing is not going to hit me until I sit down and start typing. We have ACTION that we must put into all words. Next, being wrong about the topic God is talking about in your prophetic word. In 1999, God told me personally to do something that I completely did not want to do. I wrestled with God for about 6 months before I fully realized that God was not going to change His mind. I could either get into alignment or be in rebellion and face the consequences. I thought that this request was a short term moment in my life. I didn’t understand the purpose, but I was sure that it would end shortly. Well, every time I tried to make it end, God would supernaturally step in and correct me on this path. I was highly annoyed that God kept doing this. I wanted off of this train ride NOW. So a few months later, God revealed a higher plan to me concerning this topic. I was not happy in the least with what God was telling me. What I thought was a short moment in my life was now going to probably last for YEARS! I knew I couldn’t walk away, so I submitted to God. I had rationalized in my mind that whatever the reason was for God “doing this to me”, it would only be for a few years (Insert my grin here). Six years later, and I was beside myself. I was now thinking God must be waiting for me to do something, and then this would end. At some point, I started to doubt I truly heard God, but O man when I went back over the struggle God and I had at the very beginning, I knew I didn’t hear Him wrong. It was at this point, God had told me another reason for all of this and about a great blessing He was going to give me through my faithfulness. In Dec 2011 (yes 12 years later), God finally told me that it was coming to an end. I was so EXCITED. I began to talk to Him about what we were going to do next. I had so many silent hopes and dreams that I knew were finally going to come to reality. What was holding me back and keeping me from advancing fully was going to be removed. I didn’t think it was going to just ‘boom’ happen, but I did look forward to planning the next stage of my life with God. In 2012, many many things had happened, that made me think God was ending this chapter quickly in my life. It caught me off guard, but I became ok with it obviously. Now, the trials had started to come. I didn’t anticipate this aspect over the years of waiting for this moment. I surely didn’t anticipate a Job trial that was strange in and of itself. Well, 2012 came and went leaving me in heavy turmoil and angst. I thought God was in some hurry to move me into the new and nothing actually ended, except a few trials that were replaced with new trials. 2013 wasn't much better and left me even more confused as to why I was still in this. I was flooded with prophetic words from others and my own prophetic dreams so much, that I became so convinced God was talking about everything happening in 2013 now. However, this all made me think I missed the door opening in 2012. My eyes were set on the Big Door I was waiting for, which made it seem like I had done something wrong to still be in this. Of course, if you have religious minded people around you, they can certainly shame you when a word does not seem to happen by a certain time. 2014 was a bit different in that, I threw out many people in my life that were clearly being used by the enemy to harass me. I had to stop and just listen to God because most everything else was contradicting what I felt or knew straight up that God was telling me. At the end of 2014, I started to see, what I knew was developing behind the scenes, begin to manifest in the natural. Over the next few months, I had many signs from God that Spring time 2015 was my moment of the Big Door opening. And then God did something unexpected. He asked me to stay in this longer. I agreed although some days I had wished I hadn’t. I am not sure of His reasons for asking me, but I just keep walking and standing on my future. Recently, I have gone back through the words given to me in 2013 and the dreams I had, and realized many are for now and not in 2013 like I originally thought. Remember MANY people in the Bible waited decades and some even several decades for a word that God said would come to pass. We live in an instant gratification society, and God does not. We can miss God by thinking that each prophetic word is for our immediate now. I would have had a much better outcome, over the years, if I was not just trying to fit most words as being about the Big Door, but instead looking for the actual topic God was referring to. This is definitely true when we use a narrow scope and understanding, for our dreams. At the surface level, what happens in our dreams is not always clear even when we think it is. There are often a few levels/layers, and some revelatory, that can get over looked. God speaks in symbolic metaphors for most people. I am one of those people that has a mix of metaphoric and literal dreams. So when we look at what God is saying through the lens of literal and now, we can miss what God is actually talking about. It isn’t that the word is not true for you, it is just not the topic you are thinking about. That does not mean your BIG DOOR is not going to open now or down the road. It just means God is not talking about it at this specific moment. More than likely, God is speaking about all topics with you at the same moment of your life. We should ask God about the timing for when each word is actually going to happen. He may tell us, and He may not. Be careful how you treat prophetic people. The Bible warns against doing His Prophets harm. We are living in the New Testament era. We have Christ in us, and our gifts and anointings flow differently because of this. I am not saying a well meaning prophetic person of God's cannot miss it. I don't care what gift and anointing you walk in, we all can miss it. That does not mean God is not with us, and that does not mean there is anything wrong with our ministry. It means we are human. We are not perfect, even with the greatest of intentions. God will help you with a word that is given. I have discarded words from a few prophets over the years. I didn't do so lightly, and I discussed it with God at great lengths and over many months, as well as, with a few trusted friends. I let God be God to them and to me. Two of the prophets came back to me and apologized after God told them they were wrong. We must always look at each word carefully. If a word does not hit your spirit completely as truth, spend time with God at great lengths. It might be us that needs to adjust to what God wants us to see and know. Until we seek God fully, we may discard something that was indeed from God. Before you think a prophetic word has failed to come true in your life, really take it to God for an extended period of time. God is faithful to speak to us about that word and what to do with it. He will tell you if it should have happened already, or if it is still in your future. I invite everyone to revisit old prophetic words that seem to need life and hope breathed back into them. Take them before the Throne, and let God bring dry bones back to life again for you. If the word is to live again, He is faithful to do so. ~Blessings Ellen McCloud Replenished Hope

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