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Did You Really Say Hate?

I saw someone’s post yesterday about Hating the enemy and wanting people to Amen it. About a year ago, this same concept of Hating the enemy came up, and I examined my heart. I found I had no ill will towards the enemy, and if he was allowed to repent I would easily accept them back into the fold. I know... believe me, I most certainly understand the weight of my words. But it is completely truth. So I started to analyze this further as to why I had such a gentle forgiveness against the enemy of all enemies. He surely has done major damage in my life at times. I was called into a healing ministry as a teen. People of all ages used to seek me out like a magnet for wisdom and advice. My Mom always said I had the mind of a 40 year old as a teen. The Holy Spirit just always gave me the right words to say. When I was 20, my fiancé died in a car accident, which God told me about ahead of time. Soon after, satan came to pay me a visit. He sat on my chest at 1:20am and caused me to struggle to breathe. I laughed at him, and told him that he would never destroy me. It was at that moment that the Holy Spirit told me how to cast him, and he left immediately. That night was a huge awakening for me. I realized that if the enemy felt I was worthy enough to leave his throne for, I must be someone special and powerful. From there, God launched my deliverance ministry to compliment the healing. I firmly believe God gives these gifts as a pair. I know others will disagree, but you really need both. Not every healing need has a demon issue and not every demon issue has a healing need, but the majority have both problems. If you walk in these gifts and find you struggle to get results, seek God about what is missing. It has now been decades of me walking in these ministries. I have fine tuned weapons and had more weapons added. God has taken me higher and higher in authority. So now let me tell you why I think Hating the enemy is a bad idea. First, when you Hate anyone, you open a gateway to the enemy in your life. Hating created beings is not an attribute of God. Second, we are the enemy of satan, but the enemy is not the enemy of God. Did you catch that? The fallen angels are not an enemy of God. Yes, satan wants to be God and have the same powers and authority, but he is jealous and hates man. The enemy is completely subject to God. God never says in the Bible that satan is His enemy. Satan does not attack God, plain and simple.

The word translated as Hate in the Bible is incorrect. It is actually meaning that God preferred one over the other or “love less,” but not in the sense we understand as love. God loves everyone the same. You are to love your enemies, for example. God didn’t hate Esau in the sense we know as hate. He preferred Jacob because He knew one’s potential and heart over the other’s. I firmly believe God gave me the ability to not hate satan, for my very ministry would be in jeopardy if I did. I do not believe I could walk in this level of authority if I did have any negative thoughts towards the enemy. Remember, you cannot cast out the enemy from someone else, if you have the same demon in your own life. I wouldn’t be able to help others get free if I walked in a lifestyle of hating, especially the very one I am trying to cast. I can say that I am not doing this through my flesh for certain. I do not possess the ability through the flesh. I would be so consumed with hate, I would suffer in all areas of my life. The truth is that after I am done doing the assignment God places before me that day, the slate is actually wiped clean. I don’t remember the battles in any real detail, nor could I recant them in fullness. I could tell you about this time and that time, but I would have no emotions attached to it. Even in my own life, I just don’t focus on it. I hope this allows you to start a dialog with God about any areas that are hindering you from reaching higher in God. There are many concepts that seem perfectly acceptable like hating the enemy, but when we really look at the matter, we can see it is not helpful in our lives. The enemy wants you to be consumed with offense, hatred, anger, bitterness, etc because it stops you in your tracks with God. It is time to clean house and wipe slates clean of those things we are holding against others. It is a new day. Praise God for this amazing blessing! ~Blessings MaryEllen Martyn

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