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Deliverance Videos

Christians often times have wrong views of demonic influence over a believer. No, this is not demonic possession, but oppression that we are dealing with. When Adam and Eve gave their soul to the enemy, he can have the legal rights to us through our sin, soul wounds, and what comes to us through the womb. Just as genetic genes are passed down, so is a gateway for the enemy to inflict us. The enemy uses many types of

gateways to attack us. It starts in the mind and eventually will affect our physical body. 

We are not prisoners doomed to just deal with what is in our lives. We must take our authority over the

enemy, BUT many Christians are wrong in how they go about it. Once you have given legal right over to the enemy, you now have something in "common" with him. You must change that aspect so you can be delivered.   For example, if you walk in offense and you are trying to cast out offense in your friend, you will not be able to because you have a common problem of offense. You also cannot cast the enemy out of your life until you deal with your offended soul wounds. The Healing Prayer will help you uncover while walking you through the steps towards freedom. These videos will aid and also uncover even more areas to gain even more breakthroughs. 

If you have never done any type of Soaking before, it is simple and powerful. Find a place where you can lay down in quiet peace. You do not have to watch the videos, but instead just listen to them. If you fall asleep, that is fine. You will still receive if you fall asleep, although staying awake allows you to fully participate. You may notice your body responding as you listen by yawning over and over, coughing, nose running, burping, leg jerking, and some may throw up. This is actually a great sign that you are indeed being delivered. 

Youtube has endless amounts of Soaking type of videos; prophetic, healing, deliverance etc. 

Deliverance Videos are free to download. The videos are too large for virus scanning, but they were free of viruses when uploaded. Just hit download to put on your device. The Video will not play until you download.  

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