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Healing Prayer


There are many many factors that go into healing.


So this is how we get problems: Our soul is the only thing truly subject to our fallen world. When you become a Christian, the rest of you is no longer subject through the works of the Cross and Resurrection, but your soul still is. Remember Adam and Eve gave over their rights and authority to the enemy.  Remember Satan offered the world to Jesus if He would bow down to him. Matthew 4:1-11


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12


So, we get wounded, which damages our soul.


Four things damage or wound our soul.


1) Sins we commit 
2) Sins others commit against us 
3) Generational sins/curses that are passed down through

     both sides of our family lines.
4) Traumatic events


So when you have a soul wound, you can be impacted now by the enemy. He now has a gateway to mess with you. So now the enemy has a choice to assign a demon to your wound… so there are different types of demons that come. This is not a demonic possession that we are talking about here. The enemy assigns the type of demon and that demon will manifest your problem. The demons that are attached by our own actions are much stronger because we allowed them to be there through our direct sin.


Now the demon assigned manifests in what they were assigned to do; depression; anger; anxiety; suicide; murder; disease/infirmity; addiction etc. etc. The reason why gays think they were born with this sexual orientation is because they are right… THEY DIDN’T CHOOSE IT… but they are wrong; it is still a sin/wound issue. The enemy assigned sexual demons to a soul wound that could have manifested as any number of sexual flesh issues but manifested as a sexual orientation. The demon cannot attach in any respect unless you are open to that demon whether it is depression, suicide, or being gay. This is also part of generational wounds. We see disease and mental health issues past down families and this is one way that it can happen. The same demon expands their assignment to you. There is an open gateway right to you through the bloodline.

I want to point out something here. The enemy always whispers in your ear what he is testing to see if you will accept. This is what he did in the Garden of Eden. Will you accept the lie, water the lie, ponder the lie, let the lie grow stronger, and let the lie be a part of your life? When you shut down the lie immediately is when the enemy will flee from you. You must resist until he flees. 


So, now what do we do? God gave us the answer in the Bible, but many churches only teach two of the steps leaving the problem to come back. I am going to teach you all of the aspects.

Take as much time as you need during this. We are in no hurry and just enjoy your time with Jesus. Put on some worship music and just spend time talking to Jesus about all of your emotional wounds and physical healing needs.


Step 1

I want you to imagine an altar in front of you. I want you to place all of your sins. You don’t have to remember them all. Start with anything you know of and then a general prayer will work for anything unknown to you right now. And if God brings up anything specific to your mind then place it on the altar as well. Pay attention to the memories that come up during this prayer as God leads you to think of areas that need this work. In regards to sexual sins, understand that anything that has never been deemed beautiful is an indicator that God is not ok with it. Repent of all of it. Just because the world says it is ok does not mean God does. This is one area that grips men and women. Not everything done in the bedroom is ok with God. Remember God designed sex to be beautiful, and anything that is not, is not of God. For example, never in a day has oral sex been deemed beautiful, quite the opposite on every level. 




Place on the altar all of the sins others have done against you. Again you might not have specific ones etc, but bring up the ones you still think about even now. God will bring back to your remembrance what He would like to heal today. As you continue to do these steps in the future, God will remind you of new and old wounds that He will heal at that point.  This is a process, as we all have wounds that we still fester about and ones that we have long forgotten about. If it still needs to be healed, God will bring it back to your mind as you work on this prayer. He does not always bring up everything before He heals, but He will if He wants you to look at it again. 




Place on the altar all the generational sins and curses in your family bloodline all the way back to Adam and Eve. Again a general prayer is fine here unless God brings up something specific. If you know certain sins that were done by your ancestors and you struggle in those same areas,  place them on the altar; slavery is one I see God healing so often for example; sexual sins; addictions etc. Often times, what grips us comes from our family line. If you have a stronghold in a certain area, you might assume it is a generational problem to break off here. 




Now place any traumatic events on the altar. Even if you think you are over it, let’s just make sure nothing is still there affecting anything in your life.  Remember, the wound happened in that moment and may not be fully healed. 




Now imagine the Blood of Jesus washing all of those sins/trauma and cleaning them away. Spend as much time as you need here. Watch it all get washed and completely resolved. Done and forgiven as far as the East is from The West. The Cross was a perfect payment for all sins and wounds! Think about your childhood; teen years; young adulthood; thirties; etc. All the ways you are (or were) bitter or angry about how your life has gone over the years; who let you down and hurt you; who wronged you; who offended you; judged you; lied to you; who abandoned you; any grief and loss suffered, and anything else that comes up. Even if you don't think something is an issue now, if it comes to your mind, put it on the altar. Our soul is still wounded in that moment regardless if we no longer feel this way today. Forgive yourself here as well. Jesus paid for your sins and shortcomings completely. 


Step 2

Now, ask Jesus to heal your soul wounds that these sins/traumas have caused. Just imagine in your mind Jesus shining LIGHT on you and covering every wound in your soul. Keep on this step until you feel ready to move on. God will also bring up things here that need to have this step done. There may be things you repented of years ago but never had the issue worked on besides the works of the Cross. This is an important step. Let God show you His majesty. Light casts out the darkness. There can never be dark when the Light is there. 


Step 3

Now Command the Dunamis Power of the Resurrection over your soul and declare that you are whole and completely healed of all that has happened. Declare that you are a Child of the King, and your soul is now made perfect because Christ lives, and the enemy no longer has the legal right and authority over you. The enemy must leave in the Name of Jesus. You can keep repeating this and anything else you feel led to say. The Holy Spirit will minister to you about anything that is needed here. Remember it is the Resurrection that brought Jesus back to life and so too will this happen over your soul wounds. This Power Lives in you as a Child of God.  


Step 4

Command any and all gateways that were open to the enemy to now be Shut. Ask God to reveal anything that you are doing that is creating open gateways for the enemy to attach to your soul. Repent and Cease any behavior that God indicates are problems in your life. If you see yourself falling into old ways, patterns, thoughts, behaviors stop and repent immediately. Do not allow anything to fester and gain more control over you. 


Step 5

Now ask Jesus to come down and heal you physically, emotionally,  and mentally. Talk to Him about your needs. There is a warehouse in Heaven full of new body parts. Ask for what you are in need of. Don't leave anything off of the table. Christ died for your complete healing not partial. Nothing is too big or small to ask for. Place your Belief, Hope, and Trust in the One who Loves and Cares for you completely. He created you! There is nothing He will deny you. By His Stripes are you Healed!!!


If anything else comes up in the days and weeks to come, do these steps again. Put on some worship music and just spend time talking to Jesus about all of your emotional wounds. As memories and emotions come up, do the steps again. Pay attention to where your mind wanders because this will be a clue as to what He wants to heal. Remember that emotional wounds left unhealed may be the root issue to your physical problem. We have to deal with the whole problem to be completely healed. 


You may cry through these steps... This is GREAT and let it happen. Healing comes through tears. The more you do these steps in your life, the more wounds will be healed etc. Our soul is always getting wounded, and you will discover older wounds surface as you heal newer wounds or vice versa. You may need to do these steps for the same issue on more than one day. Don’t worry if that happens, just go with it. You may have several wounds connected to one sin/trauma issue.


Understand that there may be layers of wounds you need to break off before the physical healing manifests. Just keep working on it. You will start to notice changes in your health, both big and small. Be open to what God is showing you. If your physical health stems from an accident of some type, understand that your body was designed to completely heal itself. The enemy is standing in the way of that by using this accident to cause you more soul wounds or he is using a prior wound to block the healing. The Holy Spirit will bring to your mind areas that are linked to this healing. Notice all of the past memories that surface and address them in these steps. 


God NEVER EVER gives you an illness!!! All disease and sickness are from the enemy ONLY. God is not glorified or honored by your physical or mental problems. Jesus died a horrible death on the Cross to pay for your complete healing and restoration. Why would He go through all of that and then go cause your illness? That makes Him a liar. God is only Glorified through your healing, PERIOD! God promises to use what was meant for evil to bless you in the end, but He never caused it. That would go against His very nature and Love for you. Religion will teach you that this illness is your cross to bear to benefit others... This is a lie from the pit of hell. Free yourself from the bondage. Receive your healing!

May God Bless you Richly 
3 John 2:1
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.



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