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UNBELIEF~The Block To Our Healing


In 2012, I overheard someone mention that their Dad was terminally ill, and they were in need of a miracle. God immediately gave me a vision of what was going on around this man in the spirit realm. I saw 5 demons around him. I could tell they were weak demons, which God has taught me that this indicates that the person did not sin directly themselves. God showed me that someone had sinned against him, and it wounded his soul. 


God told me to remove the 5 demons off of him, so I spent a few days to prepare, and then I worked on it that Thursday evening.  A few hours later, the demons left during my intercession. After the demons were removed, God said He would give him "18 more years of life without even a cold."


I warred for that promise and prayed twice a day over his healing. I found out in 2014 that he passed away. I went before God many times about what had happened. God finally told me that he had unbelief that God would heal him. God will not go against our free will. We have the power to stop God. Jesus could not do miracles in certain areas because of the people's lack of faith and unbelief.


If you struggle in this area, I encourage you to sit with God. You have a mustard seed within you. Ask God to help with your unbelief and sprout that mustard seed so that it will grow larger and larger. Place down in front of Him all that "religion" has taught you incorrectly about healing. Place all of your fears and doubts that He truly loves you so completely. He sent His Only Son for your full healing today! Stand up to your negative thoughts and tell the devil that he is a liar. Command him to leave in the Name of Jesus. Keep your thoughts on Yes and Amen!  For your healing is your portion. 

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